Electric Down Help?

So unfortunately the bathroom, hallway, and kitchen lights have gone, everywhere else works fine.

Called up the block management, landlord & estate agent. All three say I must organise an electrician and pay myself, is this how it’s supposed to be ?

Last month I have a faulty plug socket in the bathroom which they organised themselves and it was fixed within a week.
Help !

Checked the fuse box, all are set to on, ive tried turning the RCB on and off with no luck

I don’t have any experience with this sort of thing but my understanding has always been this is something the landlord would pay. Or an expense you’d be entitled to claim back.

Hopefully someone else knows for sure.


Have you confirmed it’s not the bulbs? It feels unlikely but…

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Yep just tried.

Seems odd I have to organise and pay myself no ?

It’s hugely unlikely. By far the most likely is the RCD controlling the lighting circuit. The modern ones are very sensitive.

Edit: Also possible is a faulty RCD. I say possible, bare in mind that they are made to very high tolerances.

I think this depends on your rental contract. Normally, you call the landlord (or their agent) and it gets dealt with.

i’ll pop into the estate agent tomorrow in person and see if they can advise.


That’s the ticket ! :slightly_smiling_face:

Does your fuse box have proper fuses? Might be worth buying a new fuse and replacing it first to see. My electric is dodgy and blows fuses all the time

Make sure you completely turn off the electric at the mains first though

And if you’re not sure - don’t touch…:face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I’ll do some more investigating tomorrow. Not an expert with electric so I’ll leave it for them

I’ve never heard of anyone in a rented property having to sort out their own repairs at their own expense!

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If the letting agent doesn’t do repairs or in this case says they wont, you can have them done and bill them.

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Personally what I would do is get an electrician out and ask them to diagnose what the fault is(To establish whether it is your issue(Faulty bulbs but I highly doubt it) and then do as @Eden says and follow shelters advice

Have you tried turning the fuse on and off? :upside_down_face:

Yes mate I have
I’ll visit the estate agent later

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If it’s just in one part of the house, have you checekd your fuse box? It’ll have a row of switches along it - see if any are in the off position. I’ve lived in flats where the electric is crappy and would trip randomly so a couple of bedrooms would lose their lights but no where else would be affected. You just need to flip the switch back to the correct position (but if it keeps happening, get an electrician to check for problems).

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Ok thanks guys.

Spoke to the building management and they are going to send someone out :smiley:

Replaced the bulbs in the kitchen and now they work fine.
Not going to do the ones in the hallway and bathroom as they are heavy duty ones - so will get my dad to try, if not i’ll get the electrician out.

The landlord confirmed if its a problem with the bulbs i’ll have to pay for the job, if not it would be free.

Lastly, how can all the bulbs coincidently go out within a week of each other?


A really good question for the person they’re sending out (but I’d suggest it’s fuse-related).


Were the bulbs all purchased at the same time? The first time I got some LED bulbs I ordered them from Amazon and didn’t really know anything about what to look for, so I got some poorly-made Chinese knock-offs. The way I found out they were poorly made Chinese knock-offs was about nine months down the line one of them stopped working, and then within a couple of weeks all the others had stopped working too. Wasn’t very happy about that.

I did my research and got some proper, branded LED bulbs after that. It’s been two years now and they’re still ticking along nicely. Turns out you do get what you pay for.