Paint Turning Yellow?

Been in my new place for nearly 7 months now. Only noticed today one side of the living room is turning slightly yellow ( its supposed to be white ), I think it has something to do with how sunny and hot it is at the moment.
I dont smoke, however I do vape in the bedroom with the window open, the bedroom walls are fine

You can also see the lines of the outline of the brush which painted it

Anybody have ideas on why this happening ? Thanks

Your painter used an oil based gloss, it goes yellow quicker than the water based gloss, especially where the sun hits it.

Also, back last year there were a few manufacturers had huge problems with their oil based gloss as many were turning yellow almost instantly it was painted, perhaps it was one of these batches and the decorator didn’t know.

Solution - paint it again with a good quality water based gloss (and it’s easier to clean your brushes too)


I’ve had this issue and have used a variety of gloss paints. A really expensive water based one went yellow over time, a slightly cheaper one stayed white in the well-lit areas and yellow everywhere else, and I’ve recently moved to Dulux Trade Quick Dry - it’s the only water based one I’ve found that’s worth using.

I think this sort of thing started happening a lot roughly 10 years ago when EU regulations were introduced on the level of VOCs allowed in substances and paint manufacturers have faced an uphill battle since then to perfect their solutions. Paints are a lot better now than they were in recent years.

I’ve always found Sandtex to be the best paint on the market. I’ve got nearly all my walls white painted circa 5 years ago, not a hint of yellow yet.

Who’s painting walls with gloss that’s must be silly expensive and a bit shiny for a wall. A satin is usually best for walls, gloss usually gets used on Windows doors and skirts etc.
Leyland trades do a good range of all paint types at good prices, i always find it has good coverage and is hard wearing. Ive painted a fair number of houses and never had any dramers with it.
I do however usually go for magnolia on most walls using white in bathrooms and kitchens or really dark rooms.
I’m not a decorator with a I’ve just moved house a lot over the years.

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:joy: you’re right… an assumption crept in that this was gloss on the woodwork. My experience has seen this in gloss… if we are talking about emulsion then this is certainly new to me! Always used Dulux trade or Leyland for this though with no issues.

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Yeah never had dramas with paint on walls. All I can think is it’s a bad paint job over an old colour, or cheap paint used that’s turned bad.
Very odd but should be easily fixed with a good clean down and a couple of coats of half deacent paint with a good roller and brushes. Or if your brave enough a spray gun.

It could be damp in the wall. Especially if the yellowness is uneven.

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