Declined Payment Notification Keeps Reappearing

I tried to make a payment a couple of months ago that at the time declined. I am unable to resolve it but I keep getting the same ‘payment declined’ notification pop up every week. Please can this be resolved as it’s really annoying not being able to do anything about this reoccurring notification.

What are you unable to resolve?

Monzo are telling you it’s declined because they are trying to charge you again most likely.


Tell the merchant you receive this from to stop attempting payment.

Monzo only tell you when a company has tried to take funds.

So you need to either remove your details from the merchant, update them with new card details so they can take payment, or tell them you no longer require their services.


There was an option to resolve with chip and pin but that expired before the first notification. It was an inflight transaction so not as straightforward. Will see if I can track down through EasyJet customer services.

Oh, you need to add funds and pay it then as you owe the money. Eventually it’ll be forced through and put you into unarranged overdraft.

If you feel you don’t owe it, you need to raise it with the airline and ask for proof from them that you owe the funds.

I did have the funds available and still do, I think it just so happened that Monzo did one of their random ‘chip & pin’ requests after so many transactions but it wasn’t picked up by the merchant at the time.

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You can’t ‘force’ an authorisation through, don’t know where you got that idea from.


That’s a good bet. Monzo can be (or not) funny with in-flight purchases. I’d bet it had more to do with the terminal vs the card or Monzo.

Sounds like their system has caught in a loop where it thinks it is owed money, but there’s an invalid reason why it can charge the card for it (because, flakey with Monzo).

You could also ask Monzo CS In app about it via tapping on the original transaction. But I’m guessing it will sort itself out when you speak to EasyJet about It.

Good luck in resolving it!

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In these instances they can be done, seen it many times.

I believe the merchant needs to approach MasterCard (could be corrected on this minor detail), it’s not attempted the same way by the terminal.

Which can result in being put into an unarranged overdraft.

They show internally the same as a pay at pump/delayed presentment eventually.