Declined pay at pump payment

Hi to everyone.
Every week I am going to Esso petrol station, using they are app to pay for a fuel. Always I am using my monzo card. But yesterday my payment been declined twice. The screenshot attached with message “We stopped you being overcharged”. Can I do something with that? It’s good that I have “Curve” card, my monzo card added there, and I was able to pay. But for a future, how I can avoid that?

You probably need to raise this with monzo first.

Does it show you the limit it declined?

You’d have thought wouldn’t work with Curve either if Monzo was the card you were using via Curve.

I had the same notification on my Monzo trying to get an Uber it was only £11 and I had far more than that in my account. This is such an inconvenience as I ended up running late, I had to add another payment method to my Uber account.

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