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I’m not carrying the can for Gina Miller’s True&Fair Party, which I have not joined and don’t intend to, bur I’ve just read that Monzo have closed their account. As I do have strong views on the ‘unbanking’ of clients by banks, I am vary disappointed that Monzo seems to be playing the same game. No explanation seems to have been given, or at least none made public. I think Monzo is strong enough not to descend into this disgracefully arena. Am I alone in this?

No you’re not alone in that, and it’s already largely been discussed and debated in the Monzo in the media thread.

The thing Monzo got wrong here was hiding behind the tipping off rule for something as mundane as the party not being eligible for a business account with Monzo in the first place due to the nature of the business. But that is, in my view, Monzo’s fault, not the customer’s.

I don’t know why they couldn’t and didn’t just explain that when closing the account, because they should have done.

I don’t think it’s quite as bad as what Coutts did to Farage though.

Here’s a link to where that discussion starts if you’d like to read through and join in:


Monzo are not playing the same game.

There is an an explanation and it is public. Have a read of what actually happened that isn’t sensationalised in a tweet/article.


I’ve seen an explanation, published on a news site.

Monzo has since said it does not accept any political parties and that the account was opened erroneously as it was not categorised as such in the application.

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Monzo dont accept political parties as customers. Gina Miller’s party misrepresented themselves (lied) on their application.

There’s now a push for all banks to accept political parties as customers

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