Monzo forum censors Conservative posts, leaves Leftwing posts

Obviously the focus of this forum should be Monzo and not politics.

However, I’ve noticed a strong political bias in moderation, and I think this needs to be aired.

You’ll see a lot of leftwing political opinion on the Monzo forum, and a total lack of anything right-of-centre.

The following comments were added to the Metro Bank topic:


When I posted to the thread with a post about Metro Bank (and a side comment supporting their CEO for his praising Trump’s business-friendly economic policy), my post was quickly flagged. It didn’t breach any community guidelines. It was far more on-topic than the posts in the screenshot above.

When I followed up with moderators, what happened? My post went from being collapsed to being totally deleted.

This isn’t the first time this has happened. For daring to express an opinion on the Diversity topic that was business-oriented rather than leftist, my posts were quickly flagged and then deleted by moderators.

Yet other political posts remain.

If politics is banned then @moderators should be consistent and collapse all political posts.

If right-of-centre posts are banned, please state this upfront so we can all be aware that this forum has a political agenda, and so that those of us who sit on the right of centre do not waste our energy trying to be part of the Monzo community


Politics are a waste of time, money and oxygen. I would be more than happy that any political stuff be deleted.


Hi Chris,

This was a poor call on our part, my apologies. I totally agree the line should be consistent when it comes to our policy on posts involving politics.

In general as long as the post relates back to the topic of the thread and ‘banking and finance’ in particular - there’s no reason for us to delete these posts regardless of flags.

Before yesterday this hadn’t been discussed in detail as a team - and now I’m confident we have a more clear consensus on our stance on posts like this going forward :+1:

I’ll be sure to make this clearer in our Code of Conduct too. Your post has also been undeleted :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you @Naji

Imo flippant one of comments aren’t so bad because they’re easy to ignore but a persistent off topic and heated debate just totally derails a thread and doesn’t benefit anyone involved :sob:


I like Trump, Trump is awesome.



Happy with the result here. Personally I’m a leftist but it would be dull AF to be surrounded by people who share my opinions.


I’ll note the thread you link to was about comparing the banks. For many of us, that’s an important part of the comparison. I do agree all perspectives on such a comparison, as long as friendly and welcoming, should be accepted.

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It would be great to have ALL politics removed from this forum.



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See my first post above. Let’s focus on solving real problems instead of spewing out bullshit like politicians. :slight_smile:


I disagree, because part of this forum is comparing products and in some cases, like the thread linked by the OP, that’s a major part of the comparison for many of us.

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I always find these arguments bizarre. I am sorry but you seems to be just saying this without any thought or real argument. Politics effect all of us and politicians representing us. They are in power because we vote and they can lose power because of our vote. Saying politics and politicians are BS is not going to solve problems but create problems. If you think all the politicians you know of are somehow bad then do something about it. Get into politics and be the change.


Agree with @anon40779440 here, his posts should not have been removed. I can’t say I like what he says but he has right to say what he wants and when I read those posts he had perfectly articulated arguments.


Saying politics and politicians are BS is not going to solve problems but create problems

It might not solve problems at large but it solves the initially raised problem which is the fact that I’m here on the Monzo forum to talk about :mondo: and help them make the product better, not to talk about politics and I’m pretty sure I’m not alone in this opinion. :+1:


I agree with @anon23935806. I’d rather keep politics out of discussions here as much as reasonably possible. IMO @SC95 that includes meta-politics as well :wink:

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I think the common argument for allowing such discussion is that “it is important to have diversity of opinions/ important to allow people to discuss such issues” and that’s why a lot of social media sites/ news sites generally don’t moderate their comment sections. I can get a statistic to this if needed, but it is found that by allowing v extreme opinions/ unmoderated comments it discourages even more people from commenting, because it is a hostile/ contentious topic and they don’t want to be involved. So you have self-censorship anyway.

Obviously none of the political comments on here are as extreme as hate comments but I think most people would prefer not to discuss politics on this forum. It’s also an odd place to have a debate about such issues. An offhand comment or a joke on either side, fine, but if we were debating about Brexit and Trump on here all day I think people would quickly tire of it. You have FB, Twitter, Reddit for that. Not talking about it on Monzo forums doesn’t mean we aren’t talking about it elsewhere. It isn’t the right platform for it


Not discussing politics and saying this…

Are two different things.

If you don’t want to engage in discussion about politics just steer clear of any threads on politics. I only commented because @anon23935806’s comments seem like about politics in general. My only intention was just to highlight that politics has its impotence.
I’ll shut up now :grin:


The problem with politics is that there will be always something that someone will disagree with and it will turn into an endless debate. I’d rather not talk about those things at all and focus our time on things that matter, like :monzo:.

In essence, that’s what politics is. It’s making decisions on the rules for a group. You’d rather only discuss what’s important for you, and if anyone disagree about what’s important to discuss, there could be a debate and a decision could be made. Unfortunately this forum isn’t a democracy, so Monzo will make the decision. :man_shrugging:t2: