Daybridge chat and feedback

Let’s use this thread to talk about @kieranmch’s side hustle: Airbridge! Daybridge!


I only have a few questions:

  • What is it
  • When is it
  • How can I get it quicker
  • Why is it?
  • Also can this be a plus feature too?
  • Something something Dark Mode?

Ngl I’ve been following this for a bit and it’s definitely the kinda thing I’d sign up for. I use calendars religiously to track what I’m doing when and what I need to do.

If it’s not in my calendar then I’m not doing it, so anything that removes some of the admin from that is great.

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But in all seriousness, this really seems like a great pairing with something like HEY, I’m really excited to see how it turns out - and hope it means a new way of doing Calendar Management.


Looks like he’s leaving Monzo to go full time on his app :eyes:


Changing of the guard at Monzo.

I also noticed that @Naji seems to no longer be there either (no Monzo staff flag on here anymore). :cry:

In terms of looks, it reminds me a lot of JIRA

Have you got access? I signed up but heard nothing…

No, have also signed up, but was just referring to the mock ups

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The first email blast to Daybridge beta-sign-ups landed today. No access yet though, just an update via a very nice looking email.


Yeah I got very excited for a moment when I got the notification :persevere:


I’m surprised they’ve raised £750k, particularly in this climate. What do we reckon the long term plan is? Design something and sell it to Apple/Google/Microsoft? I’m keen to find out what this offers over other mainstream calendar applications.

I’m keen to try it too - I like the idea of ‘smart’ entries (travel time) and also the ability to mix up different elements (tasks/notes) onto a non-linear timeline. But it’ll have to at least match what Gcal can do now - including sharing cals.

Also of note to beta users… “discounted premium access after the beta.”, so there’s a plan for monetising this.

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Yeah I filled out an early survey, and there were questions re pricing.

Think even the cheapest option was around fantastical premium (which is gold standard imo), so while I am very intrigued from the super early stuff we’ve seen, it’s gonna have to be p good to convince me.


Soo… Old topic bump…

I was thinking about Hey Email earlier, and Daybridge came to mind

Super curious of progress but it seems quiet on Keirans front. Anyone heard anything?

There have been mock-ups coming not that infrequently on Twitter at

So I think all moving along. There’s also a slack you can join, which I don’t have link for but may be on the Twitter?


There’s been progress. Alpha version has already shipped to early investors and a beta version is to be released in Q1 to all peeps who signed up for the beta. I’ll hopefully have a version to try before the end of March then.

The Slack is fairly quiet - but that’s not a bad thing as hardly anyone has it yet and I’m sure Kieran and Lloyd are BUSY developing.

(the released animation of entering/moving calendar entries looks super-slick)


Just wondering if there has been any further updates on this?

Nothing so far. Looking back, I don’t think any version was shipped to early investors as nothing appears to be in the wild. But March was tagged as the month where access to the service would be given to the beta/Slack members so :crossed_fingers: anytime in the next 3 weeks.

It does look good though :drooling_face: