Daybridge chat and feedback

How active is the Slack, David?

After the initial ramp-up & introductions, slow now, but there have been ongoing leaks of development and comments/feedback on those leaks so far. Everyone is in the same ‘waiting room’ at this stage - once it rolls out, I’d expect it to get very busy with feedback/ideas. Hopefully constructive too.

I really hope this is a success as the people behind it are super talented.
And I’d invest if I could!


First 200 users getting access!


Looking forward to this. Already stocked up on axes in anticipation :axe:

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I wonder if the 200 are FIFO from the mailing list or a randomised selection.

Not sure. There’s been mention of releasing it to the Daybridge Slack members first too and there are currently 263 members there. I recall the mailing list response was high and then the Product Hunt inclusion amplified that by a good few thousand at the time.

Oh just caught up with the slack. Kieran’s messages certainly suggest it will everyone in there so looks like I may be on Daybridge within a week or two :eyes:

Edit: and @davidwalton !


sits in his non-slack queue

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This time next week…
(Put it in your, erm, calendar - 1pm, 07-April for Alpha web access)

EDIT - this post was entered on Wednesday 31-March and sat waiting for approval for 4 days!?!?!


I’m allowed to say I’ve got access and can post screenshots. So
daybridge launched


Has it changed your life yet?

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I’m not allowed to review it, but screenshots are allowed. So
daybridge launched


I think my biggest concern with it, is how it integrates (or doesn’t) with other calendars :frowning: This seems to be fine, but I’ll have to add work meetings etc into the calendar. It’d be good to be able to use Daybridge & it auto update the relevant calendars etc in Google

I know you can’t review it, but would you recommend it to others yet?

Sorry, I should say:







I thought the founder would know better than to be silly like that.

Would the point not be that in the current state a “review” isn’t really fair as it’s in testing?

Quite a few companies do that in tech I think.


Yeah this is what I imagine is the reason is.

It’s not even beta yet, just super early technical alpha so can’t see that a ‘review’ would be worthwhile in any sense.


That’s totally fair. But to say screenshots yes, reviews no seems to me, well, silly.

The purpose, like it or not, of early alpha releases are to not only to get feedback but also to start to generate buzz. If I see something like this posted here, I immediately turn off. My attitude is that founders either need to have confidence in the product and to ask (but not demand) that users are clear about the early nature of the software - or to lock it away and not allow it out in the open until they are comfortable with it.

Something might have got lost in translation here, but I don’t like the attitude and it doesn’t endear me to the product, I’m afraid.