Daybridge, a productivity and time management app by former Monzo engineer Kieran McHugh, raises £750,000

Daybridge, a productivity and time management app by former Monzo engineer Kieran McHugh, has picked by £750,000 in a seed round led by early Monzo backer, Passion Capital.


Best of luck to him, but my first thought is “another one…”


I’ve yet to find a calendar/to-do system that really works for me, and this looks like it combines the best parts of each while discarding the worst. So I’ve signed up for the beta, see how it works out.


I don’t want to jump on the Monzo is going down train (and staff leaving doesn’t mean Monzo is, at all) but it’s sad to see all the initial talent who helped make Monzo so great leave.

Fewer faces we recognise and fewer people interacting with the community means Monzo will lose that friendly, familiar feel and risks becoming another faceless big corporate entity. At that point they’ll lose one of their big advantages (for me)

As I think Simon mentioned when he left, this is inevitable as a startup matures. The people who thrive in the informal startup environment won’t like the more corporate world that eventually comes with growth and the other way around


It is such a crowded market, and I’m not entirely sure what problem this is trying to solve. But even if I did, it appears (at first glance) this is something to micromanage my life? Who wants that?!

Obviously we’ve seen very little but I like the look of it from the website - signed up to the beta back when he first announced.

Fantastical is the only calendar app I’ve ever been happy with so far, and I’m very happy with it it. So will take a lot to convince me to switch but definitely intrigued.

The problem is they’re competing with google calendar so I’m not sure there’s much of a market.


I’m happy with that one tbh

Oh good, another Kanban application…

That said, looks nice, will probably try

I do.

I like structure and order in my life, and I use time blocking to achieve that. That doesn’t mean my life is mincro-managed or inflexible, In fact I very rarely have ever had to use the I’m busy excuse, despite my time being so rigorously blocked. Because it’s flexible, and I can move and rearrange my time blocks for just about anything that may pop up in the moment.

I have tried so many apps to make this process better for me. But nothing quite gets the job done just how I want to. They’re all missing something so I keep coming back to Apple’s Reminders, Calendar, and notes.

Daybridge, or Airbridge, is something I’ve been keeping my eye on, because the feature set seems to strike the right balance between simplicity and the deeply customisable tools that I need in my planning. I’ve tried just about every other app that tries to tackle this issue for me, and all of them have left me underwhelmed in some way. It’s one of these app categories that’s flooded with good but not great tools. So I’m hoping this is the first great one to show up.


I think I’m just not busy enough.

Meeting here. Flight there. Go there. Meet them. Send that by here. Do this by then. You should be in another country. Blah blah blah.

If that was my life then maybe, but I don’t think I need something like this for “WORK” and “Go to Tesco”

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I think two kinds of people will find this useful:

The freelance/contractor type of individual who has many client meetings all over the place and their work and life start to merge into one

People with big families who have to take kids here and there and keep all their appointments in mind

My calendar is usually very empty and I don’t need more than a simple reminder to know that the plumber is coming at 5pm so this app isn’t something I’d pay for myself

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