Date of issue on bank statement

Apologies if there already are threads about this topic, looked up but could not find any.

I generated a PDF bank statement recently (for a visa purpose, so I have to send them to the Home Office), and noticed that there was no issuing date written on it.

Asked Monzo in the chat if they could issue one with the date and they said it wasn’t something they offered.
They did send me a letter confirming that date of issue of the statement instead, so it should be fine, but I just wondered the reason for not including the issuing date in the first place.

Every other bank I have had accounts with had issuing date printed on all statements.
Even the digital ones have the date that statement was generated.
I understand that their statements being submitted for a visa doesn’t probably happen often, but surely it’s not a difficult thing for Monzo to have an issuing date to the statement.

Is there any reason why Monzo won’t add this to the statement?