Ability to apply for permanent increased daily limits

I would like to see the option to set, or apply, for increased daily card and bank transfer limits on a permanent basis, not just the ‘temporary limit increase’ that is possible now.

£10k is regularly insufficient, and applying for increases is clunky and too slow.

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I don’t want to sound assumptive or rude, but if you are regularly hitting the £10k transfer limit then maybe Monzo isn’t for you?

I can’t think of any scenario short of house or car purchase where that’s happened more than once every blue moon. Also you seem to have a business email, do the lists apply to business accounts too?


It’s not a business account, it’s my private account. Normally I wouldn’t be needing it regularly, but we’re in the middle of house renovation work, and therefore at the moment the requirement to pay invoices exceeding £10k is all too common.

I imagine Monzo want to attract customers of all types and wealth to spread their risk criteria as much as possible, and benefit from higher cash holdings, so I don’t think it’s right to simply say “maybe it’s not for you”.

I’m not saying the £10k should be flatly increased for all customers, but the ability to apply for a permanent or semi-permanent increase would go a long way to easing the use in certain circumstances…or even allowing higher limits to particular “pre-approved or favourited” accounts.


Considering the battle that increases have had over the years, if increasing the limit was within their risk profile, it would have been done long ago.

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This house sounds like it’ll be epic, good luck with the end result :slight_smile:

It’s a good shout, but I suspect as @Revels notes if they were going to do this it would’ve happened. I don’t know why it’s still so low but I’m sure Monzo have done the math and identified that in 99% of cases, people will never hit it.

This is where a more mainstream bank might be more suitable in the short term. HSBC have a £25k per day cap, for example.

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Starling’s is £1M, I believe. I’ve certainly transferred well over £25K in one transaction without asking beforehand.


Yap, Starling limit is £1M

Looks like they increased it recently, I believe :grin:

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That page has been saying that for well over a year now. I believe that it’s talking about the Faster Payment system itself rather than individual account limits. I also read somewhere that Starling can and do apply account limits but that it can vary.

Edit: Might have been here:


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I’ve used Starling more for this reason (as well as the extra security over Monzo). £65k transfers go through fine if it’s a known historic account under your name, and newer accounts pass the security check and get reviewed during working hours.

People are moving money due to savings accounts constantly changing rates as well don’t forget, so if Monzo is only for £10k limits (in reference to it’s not a bank for the OP), then it really isn’t shaking the “pocket money bank account” label given to it by critics in this community forum.

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Can’t imagine all the high ballers would be sticking their money in monzo or starling tbh.

Must be nice to have to worry about a £10k limit.

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Yes :melting_face: been a long day.