Cutting down on meat saved British people more than £2.8bn last year

(Beatrice Borbon) #1

We asked you if cutting down on meat saved you money

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It’s more about meal planning than anything else, plus you can make larger portions and freeze etc.

(Peter Shillito) #3

Being veggie is costing me more mostly because I am trying out new products all the time. When I ate meat, it was generally “here is some meat and here’s some stuff on the side” while now it’s “here is some veggie product I’ve not tried before probably made with beans or soy or something else that doesn’t taste like anything else”.

Also I hate cooking, so anything I eat is typically a chuck in the oven jobbie.

I’m certainly no healthier now I’m veggie that’s for sure.


The missus likes to do Friday’s meat free. Again it comes back to meal prep though, meat free Friday just costs us more when we go out without a plan.

I feel your pain.

(Peter Shillito) #5

Eating out is getting easier, as more places are matching the prices between meat and non-meat equivalent meals, but it’s certainly not everywhere. I think it’s more grocery shopping that costs more for me, since you can get dirt cheap meat-based meals, but not dirt cheap veggie-protein meals. Admittedly the quality of the meat will be poor, so it’s arguably not a like-for-like comparison, but if that’s what you buy, there’s no equivalent.


I can’t wait to try the Beyond Meat Burger. If they have finally cracked the meat texture I’ll be in love!

(Peter Shillito) #7

Those are the ones in Tesco, right? I’ve had them, they’re…fine? It’s been a while since I’ve had meat, but they seem meaty enough to be probably accurate. They’re expensive though at £5.50 for two burgers frozen, or £4.95 for two burgers fresh, compared to £3 for four beef burgers fresh (Tesco Finest).

(Owain P Webster) #8

I think Honest Burger sells the impossible burger as an option. Apparently they’re decent!

(Cheryl) #9

I’m not sure I’ve saved money since I dramatically reduced my meat intake, but I wouldn’t say I’m spending more either. It’s all much the same, to me.

I tried to reduce my meat intake years ago, but found that none of the vegetarian meat alternatives tasted even remotely nice, and I’m not someone that can cook meals from scratch easily - as well as having issues with a lot of vegetables - so I really did need a good meat alternative.

Recently I tried the Impossible Burger and genuinely couldn’t tell the difference between that and a beef burger. That inspired me again to see if meat alternatives were improving all round, and they are. I’m now at the point where my daughter and I eat, I would say, 80% of our meals without meat. I don’t want to do more than that so I’m settled at the point I’m very happy at, but it has only become possible for me because the ‘cheap’ plant-based options have improved. I keep looking at the Beyond Meat burgers in Tesco, wondering if they’ll be as good as the Impossible Burger, but I refuse to spend that much on ANY burger, ever.

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(Peter Shillito) #10

Where did you try the Impossible Burger? I’m assuming in the states somewhere, as I didn’t think it was available in the UK :thinking:

(Cheryl) #11

Yes, over in the US. First at Disney World as it’s available in the parks there - and then again at Dave and Buster’s Arcade, so two locations not part of the same company which makes me think it must be quite common over there for ‘fast food’ type locations.

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(Peter Shillito) #12

Well, as of last month, Burger King has started a rollout of “The Impossible Whopper” using their patties, so it’s definitely getting big (I’ve already dropped an email to Burger King UK about getting it over here, but the more the merrier).

The Vegan Thread!

premade unfrozen burgers have preservatives in them unfortunately :frowning: that makes them inedible for me. You can just make your own burgers though from mince It’s cheaper and better and takes no time at all to do.

I do wonder what people are buying that actually saves them money for the same nutritional value, or if there just eating less?

Meat doesn’t need to be very expensive.

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(Micky) #14

I’ve been considering cutting down the amount of meat I eat, so this is good to hear but I don’t believe some of the responses on Twitter though, not unless people are substituting the meat they were eating with air


Impossible burger! That’s the one I was thinking of, not the Beyond Meat burger.

I hope it becomes more mainstream, it’ll help drive the prices down.


Does anyone have the ingredients and allergen ingredients of these non meat burgers?

(Kolok) #17

How’s this news and updates?

Can we keep random articles separate from monzo updates.

(Peter Shillito) #18

They’re all different. Beyond burger as an example:


Water, Pea Protein Isolate* (18%), Rapeseed Oil, Coconut Oil, Flavouring, Smoke Flavouring, Stabilisers - Cellulose, Methylcellulose, Gum Arabic, Potato Starch, Maltodextrin, Yeast Extract, Salt, Sunflower Oil, Dried Yeast, Antioxidants - Ascorbic Acid, Acetic Acid, Colour - Beetroot Red, Modified Corn Starch, Apple Extract, Lemon Juice Concentrate.

Allergy Information

Free From: Gluten, Peanuts, Soya
Contains no Peanuts or Tree Nuts

My dads home made burgers are amazing

I do like meat myself, and my dad sorts out my evening meals so I’ve not tried to ever go meat free or reduced.

I’m also lazy with food so the initial effort may lax quickly :see_no_evil:


I definitely couldn’t go meat free, even if it was going to save me money :cut_of_meat: