Year In Monzo 2020 Resolutions

So after yesterdays insights, has anyone vowed to make changes for this year?

I’m going to definitely cut down on McDonalds (33 visits :pensive:) and I will be spending in other countries this year after not going abroad in 2019.

Cutting down on my Amazon orders is probably needed too if I want to pay for said holidays!


I’ve vowed to actually use the categories so that Year in Monzo 2021 actually makes some sense! :wink:

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I’ve always tagged #fuel and I’ve started to do it for other things, but just a couple of extra categories would be a big help.

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To get around the McDonalds thing, make someone else always pay :smirk:


This rule could be applied to many other things, I like it!

“Wow, you’ve saved so much money so quickly, how did you do it?”

“Made someone else pay”.



Or take cash out and pay cash :eyes:

My plan is to add more variety to my lunch buying habits. I’ve run the numbers and variance in retailer loosely correlates with how much I spend on lunch each week. i.e. when I buy my lunch at a different place each day, I end up spending less overall. I could of course just go to the cheaper places everyday or make lunch at home… but that ain’t happening.

I need to stop dipping into my round up pot when it builds up

Top up shops need to be drastically cut down. If I meal plan better and do a big shop once a week it’ll save me loads. I knew that was something I needed to tackle but it really did highlight it.

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Going into my pots is something I really need to stop too. I created an IFTTT that rounds up and adds an extra £1, which is fine on my weekly shop or petrol. But when I buy a £1.20 bottle of water, in effect it costs me £3.

I’ve created separate pots for them now, so hopefully I can leave the round ups alone and just take back out some of the £1 extras if I need to.

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No none, I scrolled through it and took a yawn to be fair, since moving to Monzo I pretty much know where my cash is going these days and reigned it in. Summary is of no use to me, can see how it is to others though

Don’t forget about hiding pots :upside_down_face: This might help stop you dipping in when you don’t see how much is there :lying_face: :smiley:

I have hit 6 visits already. I like the coffee.

And booked two breaks abroad, last one was 2017

As well as 8 Sun Holiday breaks for . . . ME! Yes, they accepted my bookings for just me. So I have 3 and 4 night stays around the UK as base for my National Trust and English Heritage visits et al, at just £40.80 a break. Struggle to get one night accommodation in some of the places I plan to visit.

I feel like this is more to this than meets the eye…


Why would somewhere NOT accept bookings for one person?? Or am I reading that wrong? (it’s early, not enough caffeine)

I’m hoping mine sorts itself out this year anyway. Number one in eating out was the cafe I worked at before Monzo, closely followed by Greggs (which was breakfast before I started my shift there :joy:). Working remotely has forced me to actually cook!

Seeing how much I rounded up and knowing I emptied that Pot as soon as it hit ~£10 made me a bit sad though. Think I might try and leave it for the whole year this time :eyes:

I was personally in the top 5% of Greggs spenders :joy:. I think I may try and cut down on that lol

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Going to be harder now that Just Eat are delivering Greggs :wink:

There are only 9 on there for the whole country so far :weary:

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My eating out was

Work canteen
McDonald’s (130 times beat that)

When I worked at a pub I used to go McDonald’s after at like 1AM so that’s where that comes from