Customise pay dates for 'Summary'

(David) #1

My pay day changes each month as I am paid on the last Friday of each month. Yet Monzo thinks my next pay date is going to be the same date as the last.

As a result the ‘Summary’ and predictive elements of the app are WAY off.

I’d love to use this feature properly but I simply cannot at present.

Thanks for consideration.

(Ghost) #2

Same as mine, I’m paid every 4 weeks so it’s not so great for me.

(Kim W) #3

This would be my number one change for Summary at the moment. I’ve seen it mentioned in other threads already, hopefully it will be added soon as I think the majority of people have a variable date as they will be paid on a week day.

(Alex Jones) #4

I agree! I am paid on the last working day of each month. It would be great if Summary could have more intelligent date ranges rather than just a fixed date each month. This is making Summary not very useful for me at the moment.

Please, please, please Monzo… add this feature! :blush:

(Richard Bartlett) #5

I’m another one paid on the last working day of the month. At present the lack of this totally breaks summary as this month Monzo thinks I’ve been paid twice and have loads left over (I don’t… went crazy in June and am over bidget:P).

(Richard Bartlett) #6

…and a warning to users. Don’t then try what I did and change your start payment date for the new month because Summary gets hella confused…

(Nick Perry) #7

This needs refinement even for those paid, nominally, on the same date. As for many that actually means the nearest working day on or before that date.


@Jami? :wink::hugs:


I get paid on the last working day of the month too. Frustratingly, summary looks great but I can’t rely on it yet. Has there been any response from Monzo on this?

(Daniel) #10

My girlfriend is paid on the last Friday too. Last month she just made her paycheque last a few more days until the 1st. Then she transferred her paycheque into monzo on the 1st and set summary start date to the first. She now budgets 1st-1st by using the overall budget feature rather than letting monzo tell her what she has to spend. So even though she’s paid in the meantime it doesn’t affect her month start to end budgeting. It’s not perfect but it works well until they allow us to choose our dates.

If you’re getting paid into monzo already you’d have to transfer your pay out and and back in again on the 1st to get summary onto the month stat-end cycle. But only the fist time.