Customisable transaction icons

(Richard Lowe) #1

I think it would be great if you could change the icon next to a payment. As an example I made a transfer to a friend’s account and the icon is a coloured circle with his initials in. It would be great if you could change this to a photo of the person in the same way you can change your own profile pic. Then perhaps the next time you make the same payment, the photo would remain?

(Harry) #2

Nice idea! Would like to see this. :raised_hands:t3:


When I make a transfer to people in my contacts list, their contact photo appears in my feed

(Harry) #4

For Monzo to Monzo payments yeah, it does.

For faster payments on the CA, it just shows their initials


It won’t have a reference to grab the contact yet but once we can add their bank details I’d have thought it would pick them up