When can we change our monzo.me name ourselves?

Just wondering when Monzo will allow us to update our payment username so it’s easier for us to remember what our link is.

If you reach out to Chat, they can do it - generally when there’s been a name change, but as it’s pre populated on account creation (I think) they may do it for you.


Probably never except in the scenario referenced by @Carlo1460

This has been the pop up for half a decade now. In that time, this coming soon feature has not come, nor has the messaging changed.

There was a brief window in an older version of plus where you could have a vanity URL as part of your subscription but no actual process was ever built for it before they canned it. You still had to ask support.


Thanks. Unfortunately I can’t locate the chat button. When I’ve gone into pay.me links it asks if this was helpful and when I click no it just says thanks for your feedback. I would have thought it should direct you to someone in chat. Disappointing

I thought monzo was 24/7 365 days a year?


It is for emergency situations. But for non-emergency it isn’t

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Not true; your ‘username’ part of the URL could be changed as part of the sign–up flow for Plus 0.5 and that’s how I changed mine.

It was, quite literally, the only desirable thing about Plus 0.5 and I say that as a big card collector; the Plus 0.5 cards were so terrible I didn’t order one.

It’s weird it was never included in current Plus & Premium.


There was a plus 0.5!?

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The Plus no-one talks about any more :sweat_smile:


I managed to get monzo.me / superman :sunglasses:

I still use, and love, my vanity username. Monzo should bring this back. Rev allows it, mine are both the same.

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