Customer Service

Customer service has come under scrutiny here a far bit recently. I just wanted to say, I’ve contacted chat recently and the agents have always been extremely friendly, polite and always responded in a quick timeframe and even then they’ve still apologised for any delay, even though I’m aware how busy they are at the moment.

I just wanted to say that I feel customer service is back on the up again and getting back to the fantastic service that we all have admired Monzo for in the past.


A topic praising the COps? It’ll never catch on.

(I joke of course, j’adore the COps)


Thank you :hot_coral_heart:

I’ve shared this internally on slack for all our hardworking COps to see :pray:


I want a topic now saying “Monzo opened my account for no reason!” with someone delighted that they didn’t think they would have been able to open an account.


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