Customer service issue when requesting an email address change

I am quite frustrated, but that is an understatement.

I phoned up Customer Service to change my email address because I cannot get access to the app and was told by the so-called advisor (who did not have a clue what she was doing - seemed to be on work experience) as she placed me on hold for two minutes and asked me to email with a selfie holding up my Monzo card.

Why is there so much faff - aren’t this banks values to be transparent?!

Simple; it’s security. Otherwise what’s stopping anyone from pretending to be someone else and then accessing your account? I’d be worried if there wasn’t any friction and they had just changed it!


In my experience working in the banking sector in call centre operations - we were told to verify the customer from the sound of their own voice (for example, if they was hesitation during security and them giving me the answers).

If we wanted to update their email or phone number, we would do that over the phone…

The sound of their voice? Are you joking?



Scary; fraudsters can be very convincing… I really don’t think a bank should be that way at all.

I’m assuming they would ask strong security questions at the very least!


How is someone in customer services supposed to remember the sound of 2 million voices :laughing:


That would be difficult even for the average human @Ordog. Like I said, we would determine how confident they were during security etc.

So with your theory, because you got angry when they asked for a photograph as part of security - you’d fail?


I’m not sending a photograph because I don’t trust them; not as a bank, but as and where they would store it.

In fairness some banks have voice ID security software as part of telephone banking.

You’ve got a photograph of yourself on here! :laughing:

I’m sure someone from customer services has zero interest in keeping a photograph of your face.


Did you not already submit a video as part of the onboarding process? Surely it’s stored in the same or a similar system?


Exactly. I’m sure that’s what they want to compare it to.

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i have helped a family member with there account before and thay had to send photo
i sent one we used a month before and after about a 5 min wait was asked for another as cops know this had been used before. so we sent a new one and all was fine.

i personally am happy they work this way.


You have to take a video when you sign up. You have to show photo ID when you sign up. Monzo will keep an image of you for account security reasons. Your concerns about sending an image of yourself shouldn’t be an issue as Monzo has this already and especially as you have put a photo on Monzo’s forums.

You are someone calling to change one of the major security features of your account - the email address. You cannot log in without it and it gives you full access to the account if you manage to get it changed. This potentially gives a fraudster access to all the money in the account. Monzo are going to ensure that you are you and not someone pretending to be you in order to protect you. Voice phishing and call centre fraud is increasing and without HSBC/HMRC levels of voice recognition software, this is a simple way to prove you are you against the image Monzo should have on file and your card number.


I’ll be honest, if anyone uses this language to talk about someone trying (even if they ultimately fail) to help them, the rest of what they say goes in one ear and out the other.

Anyway. I hope you got your email address changed.


Right - I work in a bank and there are multiple security questions asked, on top of Voice ID if that has been implemented.

No way would it be just the sound of their voice, unless it was voice biometrics and even then there may be questions on top.


This has to be a nomination for “thread of the year” :rofl: