Custom account numbers

Hi all.

I asked this a couple weeks ago via Facebook messages. They invited me to this forum.

So, I was wondering if Monzo could start offering custom account numbers. I don’t know any bank that offers this. As long as some account number is not taken yet, why not to offer it for a one-off fee? If the price was reasonable, I’m sure lot of people would be interested to have the account number they like. What do you think and how much would you be willing to pay? :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t pay for it, I don’t see the advantage?


I agree with @Revels. I can’t see there being much of a market for this kind of thing. It would be of no interest to me or the average Joe. However I could be wrong.

If anything I would much prefer Monzo to integrate pay by phone number. I think Barclays introduced it years ago. Where you can type someone’s mobile phone number in and you can transfer money to that person without giving out sort code or bank acc number.



I’ll have that one please

Edit - can’t believe I’ve had to wait 26 years to be able to use that in any kind of conversation :joy:


Account numbers are not sequential increasing by one number for each account nor are they truly random. Also there are numbers which are not used (possibly entire ranges). It was detailed many years ago by @Rika

So basically - not possible, nor would there be any return in it for Monzo unless you think custom account numbers, which are allowable account numbers, could be sold for thousands.


I assume none you here would be interested in a custom car plate either. Yet many people pay hundreds for it.

The advantage is that it might be either your favourite number or simply a number that is easy to remember for you. Don’t you know that millions of people around the world spend money on things they don’t really need? But they want them anyway.

I know they are not seqeantialy increasing. Custom number means, you can have it if it’s still available, not assigned to someone else. Same as with custom car plates.

The difference is …. A car plate is on your car. You can show it around whilst driving around and people see it.

In this situation only you will have access to the account number. You show it off when giving someone your details to sort out a DD but then it gets forgotten and there’s no real “wow effect”

Totally irrelevant

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Same as flashing Amex card when paying with it. Yet people like to do it. But like I said, it can be simply your favourite number or a number that you can remember easily. I have 10 current accounts and some numbers are “mess” so I can never remember them. Others are nice, easier to remember so I don’t need to open my app and find it every time I’m giving my details somewhere.

Bad news I’m afraid:


When was the last time you gave someone your account number? How frequently are you doing it that you want it to be an easy to remember number?


I’m sure it’s possible but my feeling is that it will probably cost more to setup and administrate than it will ever make in fees.

Never say never, though.

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Not only that but if he 10 current accounts. If he wants a custom numbers. How is he going to remember all 10 custom numbers?

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I don’t need to remember all 10, but Monzo is the one where I receive my salary and which I give to my friends/colleagues when they need to pay me back for something.

You’re going to love Monzo me!

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Last time couple weeks ago? I gave my number to several people. Either friends and colleagues from work. Lots of people want to borrow 20-30 quids from time to time, later they pay it back. Or we split bills, etc.
When I moved to the UK I was surprised with this obsession to not give your bank account details to anyone…

No I don’t. I hate using links or phone numbers. Never used PayM either. Btw, doesn’t it require other to have Monzo accounts too?

Nope. It’s easier if they do, but they don’t have to.

It’s a far quicker solution than what you’re proposing and it already exists. Or you could memorise your account number?

You only add them to your app once and that’s it. Next time you just send money.

But you know what? Forget about it… How can I delete this thread?

Monzo told me via Facebook it was a fabulous idea. Here everyone is fighting against it.