Monzo Plus or Curve subscription

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Being a new member of Monzo (loving it so far) what are people thoughts on the curve cards sub service compared to Monzo’s? I’m in the middle of weighing up the 2!

For people who don’t know Curve site

Any insight would be great…

They’re 2 entirely different things so it depends what you are looking for the premium features to do


I understand the general purpose of the accounts are different - but the sub service seems similar, arnt they?

I don’t use curve but plus is a base fee with a few extras like interest which you add on various products like insurance. Do curve offer that?

Would say they’re completely different; curve allows you to carry one card around and charge different cards when you spend, with Monzo your spending is on your Monzo account. Curve adds an extra layer and in the event something went wrong with a purchase, they’d be who you had to deal with, not Monzo. I’ve never been keen on the idea personally and would stick to using Monzo. I have Apple Pay in any case, which allows me to swap between cards easily.

@Maitland88 is referring to the add-on subscription services (Monzo Plus, Curve Black, and Curve Metal), not the standard features/functionality of Monzo and Curve.

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Correct! But after further research it seems like curve metal is a mess at the moment - a shame as I liked the look of it…

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