Current Account Credit Search

Hi everyone,

So don’t judge me but… I applied through the CASS for an RBS account for the £175. The first time I made the application it said error etc, try again later.

I applied the next day and it went through, they asked for some extra documentation to upload etc which is fine but I notice on my credit report that they carried out a “hard search” six times.

Is this going to have a negative look on my credit report or should I just ignore it? I’m not planning on making any big financial purchases for at least two years.

Wowzer. Are they N26 in disguise? :joy:

I personally wouldn’t want 6 hard searches for the same thing on my record - It only affects you if you are looking to borrow though (or at any point in the next 2 years).

Even still, I’d ask RBS to reverse those searches if it were me.

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Hard searches remain on your credit report for 12 months, so if you’re not expecting to take out any credit in the next two years you should be fine.

Soft searches are not visible to lenders.

The searches are more than likely for different things, e.g. identity check, credit check, etc.