Hard Credit Search

Hello guys.
Tried to apply for financing with Klarna. Filled all details and received unexpected error message with try again button. Klarna made a hard search in my file. Today they set a new Direct Debit from my Monzo account. There was a clear message that error occurred and I wasn’t charged.
There are any ways how to remove hard search from my file ?


Have you spoken to them? But does it really matter?


You need to contact Klarna (who have the power to contact the credit reference agencies to remove it) or dispute the error on your credit report with the said credit reporting agency which checked it who may contact Klarna to confirm its removal or put a note on your file which states you dispute it.


Not really have no plans to apply for a new credit… but anyway raised a dispute with reference agency. As Klarna support agents are useless…

As others have said - quickest way is to go through Klarna.

Lloyds once performed a hard search on Experian when I ran their “check your eligibility without it affecting your credit record”. I raised a case with Experian, but they just said that they’d contacted Lloyds who said it was correct.

I then raised a complaint with Lloyds and it was sorted very quickly, along with £25 for my trouble.


Klarna did this to me some time ago.

You applied for credit so a hard search is relevant.

In terms of the direct debit just cancel it.


I agree, credit was applied for so there was a search. The website having an error is just muddying the water.

But no harm in asking them to cancel and remove on that basis. I wouldn’t get my hopes up though.


Will never touch Klarna again…