Soft credit searches for CC

Good afternoon,

How have you guys found the results for soft credit searches vs the hard search if you proceded with a CC offer? For example, the soft search gave you a ‘very good chance’ but were declinded or an ‘average chance’ and you were accepted.



I applied for my first credit card this Monday, I didn’t use the Amex checker but did check first on the MSE creditclub which showed a very good 95% chance. Got the approval in a minute with a ridiculous limit of £12k. I actually phoned the new accounts number to check the supplementary card was ok and they wanted to know if I wanted to raise the limit. They were very pleasant on the phone and answered in a few seconds so i give them thumbs up. :+1:

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When I got my Capital One I used the soft check feature, which came back saying ‘if you apply, we’ll say yes’ so I went ahead with the application and it was all accepted no problem. :slight_smile: So for me it was accurate.

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