How long does a soft search stay for?

I’ve seen online it’s 12 months but when I check my file I still have searches from 2019 and additionally one of them has my name spelt wrong (a letter missing, but I’m guessing it’s no major deal as it’s a soft search?)

Name spelt wrong wouldn’t matter unless it’s credit you applied for I’m assuming.

I’ve had similar where a gambling company did a soft search but my surname name was wrong but the account was still verified.

Only you see soft searches. That’s the whole point of soft searches. What’s the big deal?

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I thought the same. It doesn’t effect your ability to get credit in any way as most of the time it’s used to check identity or affordability checks

It’s generally 2 years that they go back, but as it’s a soft search no one else can see them anyways

The ones on mine are older than 2 years

The deal is my name is spelt wrong and i have too many soft searches

A wrong name can effect you

Did they spell it Becki instead of Becky?

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Sasa Clarke they spelt it as instead of Sasha Clark

Umm, how can you have too many soft searches?


Nobody can see soft search’s so you can do a million and it has no impact to your credit report.

If you’re concerned the soft search used the wrong name and this then resulted in a declined/ineligible credit application, just reapply with the correct details.

Though, I’d be quite surprised one letter in your name caused the ineligible application, I strangely see it all the time at work with our cards :joy:

Like I said… Generally, that’s not a definite. Soft searches don’t count for anything negative, so don’t worry about it. It’s small fry.

I agree it doesn’t mean much these days and don’t effect your ability to get credit. If one is spelt wrong it wouldn’t effect you at all unless it’s a hard search or you’ve opened a bank in another name.

You was correct with 2 years. It’s an average of 3months-3 years depending on the type. -Identity (also known as age) checks are 3-6months until they vanish.
-Anti-Money Laundering are usually 3 years
-Affordability checks are 12 months.
-Gambling affordability checks are 24 months.
-The rest are 12 months.