Currensea card

Cool looking card arrived today

Never even heard of them but just read and it sounds interesting

If you have Monzo, why would you need this?

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It is used alongside other banks you stick with your main bank and use their card for better overseas features
They do have higher ATM limits than Monzo so could be used as a secondary card for those with a “high street” bank account: ATM limits: £500 per month, £300 per day

It is for people that travel a lot

No I get the premise. I just don’t know why someone on Monzo would need one (save for the ATM withdrawals).

If you travel a lot and withdraw cash a lot abroad then you will use your limit fast with Monzo.

Would use Transferwise’s card instead of this.

There is a conversion fee with transferwise

I get the ATM part (though I don’t think it affects that many people) but just travelling a lot isn’t really a reason if you have Monzo.

The borderless account from transferwise offers better rates

In fact, looks like Currenseas premium card matches Transferwise fees, but you have to pay for it on premium, so TransferWise is better.

if you withdraw cash abroad a lot, many have other cards for that use due to the limit in place here

no withdrawal fees has been capped by every provider as it isn’t sustainable, so I assume Currensea will eventually follow, unless they charge for a premium service etc

Right… yes again I get the ATM part.

Other than that is what I’m saying.

Transferwise borderless is no better than Monzo though still £200 cash withdrawal limit if you use atms abroad that is

Only difference with that Currensea card is it is £500 limit a month vs £200 with monzo and transferwise

I just use Monzo abroad anyway but just pointing out the differences :slightly_smiling_face:

yes other than that nothing really, unless you want a secondary card for travel and have a high street bank still
I dont use the card just pointing out the differences

Boys and girls, calm down.
Monzo is my main account, I get my benifits etc everything into monzo…
… But I just fancied this cool looking card… So I got one…
Only problem is it does not link to your monzo account so I have liked it to my lloyds acc, which I use for cheque clearing etc…

Is it cool?

OK it’s vertical but it’s a bit nondescript

The monese one is much nicer

How can you ask that? They’ve taken the word currency and tweaked it to make their name, which is undeniably cool, because it still sounds the same!! What more do you want? :man_shrugging:


To drop a few vowels and have a shorter name ending with a y

It’s the FinTech way

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I wonder why I open my mouth at times