TransferWise Card

Anyone here using TransferWise card and what are their experiences on it?

Experiences are good as a card. Faster payments from the UK account are good as well (and instant), havenโ€™t tried the other accounts. Not sure if they support Direct Debits which might be an issue if you want to use it as your main account. Also no FSCS protection which will be an issue if they go bust.

TransferWise is an amazing banking experience, really great experience, Iโ€™m getting my card on Wednesday or this week anyways.

What makes TransferWise amazing?

From my experience costumer support is really, really good

Iโ€™ve used TransferWise since pre Boarderless for xfer from my eurozone to UK account.

More recently I have been using the card in UK, eurozone & Turkey with no issues.

Just be aware of the 65p charge for xfer of funds out of the account and the 0.3% exchange fee within the account. There are no charges for using the card.

A happy TransferWise customer.

Is there any need for it now that Monzo uses its services in-app?

For multi currency support, including local account details for USD, GBP, EUR, AUD and NZD


Good to know!