Transferwise and Monzo again!

Topic is aimed at customers with experience with using both banks and identifying the benefits of either one especially targeted at international transactions. (Not just a current UK bank account)

Having a conversation with a friend and trying to convince each other which bank is more useful on the international side of things. I am no expert with transferwise so reaching out to the people with experience in this department. Please correct if I am wrong on the below!

1- Besides being able to buy currency at desired exchange rates and larger daily allowances. What are the advantages of having one of these accounts. (buying exchange rates small savings)

2-Is it worth having a separate transferwise borderless account (aimed at international banking not a uk current account, is the market I am asking) or simply merging transferwise with monzo via the app when payments are needed??

This is aimed at people doing international business and transactions regularly and travelling frequently. In your experience what are the plus sides of each Bank?

AIM: Having multiple bank accounts is a hassle so if one can do all then thats excellent!

Thanks in advance and looking forward to some constructive advice regarding the matter.