Overseas use and bank transfer charges question

(christian) #1


last year i was gonna get a munzo card but somehow didnt manage to.

Im currently 1 third into a south american trip, and its costing me at least 10 pounds every time i withdraw cash, so naturally a munzo card seems iºnteresting.

my questºions are, i hear prepaid card is no longer, so what do you get now, a regular styled mastercard that only allows 200 pounds per month free, globally? then 3 percent afterwards? is there a foreign transaction fee also charged?

Also,., im with hsbc, so would i need to move all my money to munzo, to benefit from this card, or simply transfer to munzo via xfers, but these xfers are not free, no?

Many thanks.

(Allie) #2

Monzo gives unlimited no-fee goods and services transactions, and £200 ATM.

I don’t know about purchase with cashback or manual cash. Those haven’t been mentioned specifically as far as I know.

(Geoff Pascoe) #3

No, you don’t need to move all your money over. You can leave the bulk of it in HSBC, and just transfer over spending money if you wish. The transfers are free if done via a bank transfer. If you top up your Monzo account via your HSBC debit card, that is currently free, but may not be so in the near future.

(christian) #4

yea, but travelling in south america on a budget is mostly done by cash, so refers to atm withdrawalls. so there are limiots.

i need to know mostly that if this isnt a prepaid card, does one need a monzo bank account to use it, or is that done by xfers from current bank? that may prove to be also costly-

Also, if there are other fees, like nion sterling xaction fees charged by by cçurrent bank, as well as foreign xaction fees

(christian) #5


so apart from the 3 percent after 200, are there other atm charges lile foreign xaction fees?

(christian) #6

what happens if i want to withdraw 200 pounds of local currency, but xfer 500 pounds o be sure not to overdraw, will charges apply? can i therefore xfer like 1000 pounds for safety of this?


Psst, if you need cash look at starling - but you didn’t hear that from me :wink:

(Geoff Pascoe) #8

You can transfer as much into your Monzo account as you wish from your other bank account, and there will be no fees. You can then transfer any excess that you don’t need back to your HSBC account, again with no fees.

Other than withdrawing cash (3% after £200), there will be no other fees - no non-Sterling transaction fees or anything like that.

(christian) #9

Thanks for that. all questions answered.