Cs : go

So as i bought a new gaming PC recently I decided to give CS GO a try as my old one wouldn’t play properly because it was 32-bit OS ( apparently )
Was always a fan of CS Source and along with Half Life 2 was the only game i ever played on a PC

Anyway i’m still practising with easy bots and winning every time, and soon hoping to play online but know ill get 0wned by people who play 24/7 … as my concentration isn’t great I only manage 10 minute blasts on it.

Anyway what are your thoughts on this FPS, anyone play regularlyy ?

When I was young I only ever played cs original, and Cs: source. Both were amazing. Would be well interested in playing cs:go.

Just get online n let us know how yous get on

Played it so much back in there day I can’t play it anymore :joy:

Got almost 1k hours on CS:GO and probably 3k on 1.6. It’s a great game, least toxic community of gamers I’ve come across. Good time sink, if you’re lucky enough to have time to sink - sadly I don’t these days!

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I have around 3k hours on CS:Source, never made the transition to Go.

Similar to you free time these days is getting rarer but I do like to jump on for an hour or two every few weeks. Usually finish top or the very least top 3.

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Been practising with some bots on the " Aim" maps in deathmatch mode

Tried playing online the other day but im nowhere near good enough, as soon as I see the opponent boom headshot and im dead. No lag or anything and I have excellent ping times.

Did it take a while for you guys to get good enough to play online ?