Environmentally friendly men's grooming products

I’m looking at moving from the standard shower gels to one’s that are environmentally friendly, not tested on animals.

I’ve given mancaveinc a try and although a little pricey the products are nice. Anyone come across something similar ?.

I think Bulldog probably fit the bill.

We’ve never use ingredients from animal sources and are certified by Cruelty Free International. All our products are suitable for vegetarians and vegans. We have never used plastic microbeads, synthetic fragrances or artificial colours.

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Try their solid shower stuff!


I love Lush although I buy their products online as I can’t bare the smell of their shops. :joy:


I swear by Lush. I think their store experience is a little overpowering sometimes (some people find the staff a little too eager and the smell is a Marmite kinda thing), but their products smell great, are cruelty-free and (mostly) vegan, and they’re either “naked” or in recycled plastic containers that you can return 5 of for a fresh face mask.

I also had some great advice for which products would keep my face breakouts-free recently — their stuff has worked better than most of the zit treatments I had to deal with as a teen.

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Apologies for the late reply.

The website I’ve come across is Mancaveinc.com, what I’ve used so far Im happy with. Possibly a little expensive.

Reads well but Man Cave… on a mission to ‘reclaim the bathroom’? Ugh. I’ll pass and stick to my plastic free bars of soap (Co-op I think?)

It is a free nose hair removal process

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I like mancave stuff bought it in Tesco quite a few times now and always been good.

Trying to find cost effective plastic free health and beauty products is pretty tough still which is really disappointing :confused:


I’m using body shop for my shaving soap at the moment. More down to the fact that my face falls off with most other shaving creams and soaps, but the body shop is pretty ethical and environmental. My wife also uses there ginger shampoo which I pinch now and again it’s really good.

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Further to using the shaving soap I do I have just switched to using a double edge safety razor this is a lot better environmentally as you only have a thin metal blade to dispose of that can go in most recycling bins rather than a carriage system that after can’t be recycled. Two food to this it’s a lot cheaper at around 4 quid for 10 blades. I get a week out of each blade and I at a e everyday.
The initial outlay for a DE razor is a little more but ultimately works out cheaper over time.

And the shave you get is so much nicer than with a normal 3-5 blade cartridge razor or electric.


Yup, when I wasn’t ‘with beard’ this is what I had, best shaves of my life!

Also, you can and should buy something to hold the actual discarded razors, when that wee thing it full it goes in recycling (I have had mine for 4 years, still not full and it’s v.small). I bulk bought razors when I converted and still have them (even if I wasn’t with beard I still would given a fortnight or so of usage).

I will look into this I think a little disposal box would be useful.

Will try and find the one I bought…

EDIT: https://www.toolsofmen.com/how-to-dispose-of-razor-blades/

I have the feather one mentioned in this article - Altoids tin would also do the trick.

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Thanks, I actually have used some BullDog products in the past but have never looked into if they were made with natural products. I’ll reconsider giving BullDog another go.

I use https://www.triumphanddisasteruk.com/pages/about-us - they care about the environment/sustainability etc and the products have been first class in terms of quality

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Their stuff looks good but its well and truly out of my price range.