Crowdsourcing Vendor logos?

(shad) #1

Just a thought but it could be cool to have crowdsourced images for vendors? The inconsistency between transactions with images/transactions without isn’t a huge deal but what are others thoughts on this?

Much like adding a profile picture on Twitter/FB maybe?

(James Billingham) #2

There has been some discussion about this here: Retailer Icons - Missing, Blurry, Disapearing

(Hugo Cornejo) #3

Yes, as @billinghamj said, this are two different problems.

  1. We have a bug that makes us show wrong icons here and there. We’ll fix that :slight_smile:

  2. The process of sourcing icons is currently manual. We may at some point build some kind of crowdsourcing for everybody to help us fixing the info. You’ll see the first baby-step on that direction really soon.

Regarding the inconsistency of vendors with logo and vendors without it… that’s something we need to live with and that’s why we use the category logos.

Logos (usually from Twitter) only work for big chains and places where the mark is recognisable. Think about it like a classic 20-80 Pareto, we want to show icons for the 20% of merchants that represent 80% of your activity, the remaining 20% are usually corner shops, kiosks and small places without any recognisable mark (they don’t have Twitter or Facebook either, or if they have it the icon is an ugly picture that becomes useless once we scale it down).

(james_e_bell) #4

Maybe rather than direct crowd sourcing of the logo you could have a system that attempts to automatically pull logos from twitter/facebook/google or google image search and then the crowdsourcing is people in the app (or on here) reviewing the attempts of the automated system and approving/rejecting/correcting? This could be used for more than logo (e.g. website, twitter username of the merchant etc)

(Saveen) #5

Pareto logic is sound. Therefore, how about:

  1. Making logos clickable to report as missing or incorrect.
  2. The # of times each logo is flagged dictates priority.
  3. Logos can then be custom designed in-house (to maintain quality) in order of priority.

(James Billingham) #6

Custom designing logos for other companies doesn’t sound very scalable.

(Saveen) #7

Totally appreciate where you’re coming from but the idea of custom designing is by order of priority NOT for all logos.

For major brands it is definitely achievable (see affiliate marketing sites), adds value to Mondo and prevents design inconsistencies eg. Starbucks’ (major brand) current logo does not look quite right due to being pulled automatically. Will post a screenshot.


A selection of logos (didn’t devour all in a day!) :fork_and_knife: The Mondo app is beautifully pixel perfect so the Starbucks logo stands out. Deliverance was added later based on feedback.

(scwatkin) #8

I find it slightly weird that the default icon is a silhouette… It might be really cool if there was a selection of a few generic icons, presumably in a few different colours, that were randomly selected for each place, say a basket, a shopping trolley etc. This would probably make it a little less obvious that there wasn’t a logo there, and significantly less effort than custom building a logo for each place! Even the way outlook, or iPhone mail does it where it creates a sort-of logo based on the initials of the recipient could work really well…

(Paul) #9

Perhaps users should be able to swap between the current icon display or an option similar to how in the Inbox app by Gmail on iOS displays a coloured box with the first letter? Also similar to how this forum shows users’ first letters at the top of each post.

This would be an effective way to maintain consistency and also make sure a recognisable logo is in place.

See here for an example:

(Hugo Cornejo) #10

@paulyoung that’s something we’ve considered and we even use for ATMs. We know the categories and how display them has still room to improve so we may go down this route. Thanks a lot :slight_smile:


I use my card in Russia and all of the logos are generic. Bananas, fork and knives, shopping bag etc.

Is it possible to manually add the vendor logos or even send them to you so that I can get all the logo love too when I’m here?

Here are company website links to the ones I’m missing:

Yarche: https://ярче.рф/





Auchan and Globus are French-owned and German-owned supermarkets respectively so their logos are more “global”.

(Alex Sherwood) #12

It’s awesome to see that you’ve taken the time to put that list together :heart_eyes:

So that the support team can update the merchant’s transaction details, you’ll need to submit that information via the app. If you’re an iOS user, you can submit the new details via the transaction page (guide) & if you’re an Android user, please submit them via the in-app chat :raised_hands: