Merchant logo suggestions


I’ve submitted a few icon/logo suggestions lately and only one has been approved. Is there a long wait for this? Do we get told if suggestions get rejected?

(Terry) #2

With the launch of the current account / closure of the prepaid card Monzo is focusing on customer support at the moment rather than merchant feedback so things are taking a little longer than usual to update logos and names etc.

(Kenneth C Lawrence) #3

I believe it says somewhere it would take about 3 days to update. But as terryharman commented, there is a lot going on at the moment, as well as them checking the companies to make sure it really is that account :slight_smile:

One I suggested was sorted next day, while another took about a week, but it’ll be on their list :slight_smile:


It’s over a week now.

It would be helpful if you could see whether your suggestions have been accepted/rejected/are still in the queue