Crowdfunding (Upcoming 2018/19 Round) - Updates

(Charlie Kelly) #207

If we invest in the next Crowdfunding round, do we still get an Investor card/status in the App? :thinking:


Maybe there should be different statuses? The 96ers, R2 investors etc?

(Simon B) #209

I would imagine so. It’s an easy perk to offer.

(Varun) #210

Are you still looking to sell?


Im interested in buying shares…how would i be able to recieve any details about this please…:blush:

(MikeF) #212

Keep an eye on the forum is all I can think of. I’m sure it will be announced in other ways too but until that happens, we won’t know what they are.

(Sajid Sabir) #213

Let me know if you’re still selling the share, offering £3 per share, message me directly

(Joe Billings) #214

I’ll sell at £3m a share!

(Andrew Clark) #215

Are you sure you have 3379? I have 3378 and feel oddly annoyed! :slight_smile:

(Dominic) #216

Good spot! I do indeed have 3378, not 3379!

(Peter Magyar) #217

Any news about next crowdfunding round?


Bets on crowdfunding round before Christmas?

(Excited about Christmas) #219

Happy to bet against.




Monzo last crowdfunded in Nov 2017 so I guess the next fund raise will be next month (Nov 2018)



(Danny) #225

So shares are now valued at something like £9.50.


Not bad when the first crowdfunding round valued them at what, 50p?

(Andrew Clark) #227

This was their original crowdfunding proposition on Crowdcube. ( still prefer “Mondo”)!