We've raised £60m in new funding! 🎉

Hi everyone :wave:

We wanted to let you know that today we’ve raised £60m in new funding from investors.

This is an extension of our Series G funding round which we started in the summer. This means that we’ve raised approximately £125m in new funding overall for this round.

For any of you that are investors, you don’t need to do anything. Your shares are worth £7.7145 each – the same price as during our December 2018 crowdfunding round. But if you want to know more about this round, you can find more details on our FAQ page.

Thanks again to everyone who’s supported us as crowdfunders in the past. While we’re not offering the option to buy or sell right now, it’s something we may look again at in the future and we’ll of course keep you updated if so.

Closing a new round is great news for Monzo. Our investors continue to support our mission to make money work for everyone. This means we can keep growing and building products that give people more control over their money – even in the current economic climate.

Since our last crowdfunding round in 2018, we’ve grown to over 4.8 million customers, launched new Premium and Plus current accounts, and have seen our business banking accounts attract over 60,000 customers. We were also rated the best bank for overall services in Britain and remain one of the most switched to banks for current accounts.

And we can’t wait to keep building on these successes in 2021!


Awesome. I look forward to seeing what comes to Monzo in 2021 :partying_face:


Good stuff, more money means more longevity which is only good for Monzo. Hopefully 2021 will be a bit more stable and things can start to return back to the new normal for everyone.


Cue “Why wasn’t I allowed to invest? i’M a CrOwDfUnDiNg InVeStOr!!” comments


“I bOuGhT mY sHaReS fRoM sOmEoNe fOr £18!!”


This is interesting. Have Monzo sold at what they consider an undervalued price from 2 years ago?

It’s a bit worrying to hear.

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Still not making a profit. Reeks of desperation. All this talk of liquidity… Wish I could sell my shares before they become worthless. As a beta tester i have rode the rollercoaster & now I want to get off. Stopped all my day-to-day banking with Monzo as I can’t get through to customer services. And now happily with Barclays blue rewards, an account that pays me each month. Oh when can we sell our shares dear lord. And here you have all the usual suspects… Congratulating a bank for needing YET more money to stay fluid. I rather Monzo stop raising capital and started earning profits. This bank will be bought out in my opinion… no wonder they won’t let us sell our shares. We would all be out the door like a shot.


Great news! Onwards and upwards: https://bankstats.joecarter.xyz/d/000000001/monzo-current-acc?refresh=5m&orgId=1

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So you think they’ll be bought out or you think your shares will be worthless? If someone is buying Monzo, that makes them worth something, no?

They need money to make money. If they don’t raise, there won’t be any Monzo, let alone profits.


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I did wonder, but I think it might be the case that it’s a continutation of the earlier funding round where they sold at a discount for the first time:

Hopefully the next time there’s a funding round, and it’s a clear new round and not an extension of any previous, then we’ll see the share price rising again?

Well, yes but all this means is they’ve decided to do this instead of starting a new round at higher prices.

Slight shame, I’d hoped that premium and plus might have bumped them up more towards profitability and made them look at least a bit more attractive this round. The raise is good news because it means they won’t run out of cash for another 6-10 months, but generally it’s not the best sign.

Hopefully by the next one the value will have picked back up again.

It may take a bit of time. I imagine the next financial accounts will have big losses because of the pandemic and redundancies. The key thing will be the underlying revenue and operating profit once the pandemic has lifted and people are spending/travelling again.

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That’s a great way to help your investment that you’re so concerned about :laughing:

We’ll you’ve stopped them from doing that by moving your banking :confused:


You can’t yet, that’s the nature of shares in a startup.

I still think it most likely Monzo will weather what is clearly a turbulent time for them. But there remains a chance that they won’t and the shares will eventually sell for almost nothing. Either way, by buying them, you’ve committed to the ride and should’ve been prepared for that when you bought them.

Startup shares are high risk and illiquid assets, it’s foolish to bank on any returns before they come.


More funding rounds :rofl:

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Seb you are very negative lol, If your happy with Barclays then great but I myself swapped from them because they were useless.

Every Bank needs to raise money, I’m pretty sure your shares will not be worthless! You can’t get through to customer services because of the current climate but they do reply because they reply to my queries.

Stop being negative and be constructive :wink::grin::+1:t2:


As I said elsewhere, this is good news, even better that new investors see something worth investing in, and don’t buy into this weird doom and gloom because a start up hasn’t gone profitable within a shortish time span.

Always been long on Monzo, and also see a world were Monzo, Starling and Revoult do their things to their audiences and are successful businesses.


This really resonates with me. It’s not a case of Monzo vs Starling vs Revolut - they’re actually all quite distinct.

Personally I don’t like Starlings App and I don’t trust Revolut whereas Monzo does everything I want (and does some things that are important to me REALLY well). My dad would probably choose Starling over Monzo and my colleagues prefer Revolut. :man_shrugging:t3:

Coming up on 8 billion people in the world and the majority of them need bank accounts and have smartphones - there’s room for all three!