The 96’ers

So I am wondering how many here in this community are amongst those who got in during the 96 seconds rundaise in round 1.

Did you continue to invest in the other rounds? If not why?

Also curious to see how many from that first round are still invested in the community/product or did they put the shares in their bottom drawer and never got involved with Monzo beyond that.


Yes, I did also invest in subsequent rounds, with the exception of the round where you limited my maximum permitted investment to below that of my personal policy on minimum investment amounts.

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I am still invested in it as a product and retain shares in the firm, if I no longer believed in a future/potential for the bank I would have divested all my shares. For me as an investor it is important my heart plays a part in any decision as well as the head.



I was one of the lucky ones that managed to invest before the 96 seconds (contributing to Crowdcube’s outage :sweat_smile:)

Invested in each subsequent round too :+1:t2:.

Very much personally invested in the product and community aside from the financial investment. I’ve told my family and dozens of friends, many of whom now use it as their primary account + have invested too.


Was that the last round in November 2017? (I think that was the month)

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What exactly was your motivation not to invest (if comfortable answering)? Even at a reduced number of shares the growth potential is still immense.

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The no of shares was pretty low as it was pro-rata on the previous investment for that person, for many it would be hardly worth it. Annoyingly they were also way underfunded, as presumably many investors didn’t bother to take up the allocation.

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I only managed to get into the second round :cry:


First round and every subsequent round since.

I’m looking forward to seeing how Monzo do the next crowdfunding round…!

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Can you imagine if you had put in the full amount each round! If Monzo is over £1billion now ten you will be very happy.

I basically have a £100 minimum, and don’t want small shareholding below that amount.

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Any of you folks looking to invest in Freetrade? Could be another Monzo in the making. I’ve staked a claim but reviewing the amount. If I could have put £000’s into Monzo 2 years ago I would have, maybe Freetrade is that chance. Decisions decisions

Not that I have thousands haha!

@Zenothemis did you manage to get in on their first round?

Yes I was very fortunate to get in. I was attracted to the wealth potential at first (hey invest in a bank at ground level) but then came to really enjoy/appreciate Monzo for what it is. I don’t know what te ipo will look like if it ever happens but don’t think I will rush to sell up.


I did invest in their last round just gone. It has now concluded though, and theres no option to invest at present. Although I do imagine them running another round in the future, possibly next year.

I think they have great potential, not quite Monzo level, but they could easily be a unicorn.

Yeah that is my thought too. I know £1000 is a lot but if you could put it down today and freetrade hit £1billion, that’s £50k to you.

Some of their perks look nice too, free accounts for life if you invest over a thrreshold.

But perks aside I see enormous potential in them, Hargreaves Lansdown are worth £8billion I think!

Plus their model is so good, free trading and a small fee if you like to day trade etc.

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I’m a 96’er. I love that term!
As you can probably tell, I’m still both financially and emotionally invested in Monzo.

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Do you mean when we crashed the CrowdCube website and then had to use a form? :rofl:


Yes, I’ve pledged £100 after they reopened their pitch page today.

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