Would you buy Monzo now

I’ve been asking myself, if Monzo did another public crowd funding raise would I invest? I honestly don’t know at the moment.

What does the community think?

Would you buy Monzo if they did another crowdfunding raise
  • Yes I would buy
  • No I wouldn’t buy
  • On the fence

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I’ve voted yes , but to be fair I don’t know the amount I’d be investing.


At what price???


I think I’d be more likely to buy now than the first round.

But I guess it depends on how much. A few hundred quid? I suppose that’s money I can afford to lose. If you’re talking thousands then no, but not sure I’d risk thousands on anyone or anything.

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No, there are other shares I am more interested in.

I voted on the fence purely because i have no idea where monzo wants to go with itself anymore.

No real longterm gameplan anymore apart from get profitable as quick as possible


It all depends on the price/valuation. I still think Monzo is the leading retail bank fintech. The customer base is young and over time will want savings, mortgages, credit. The direct offering of these from Monzo so far has been very limited, perhaps in part whilst they figure out their risk appetite and scoring methodologies.

There are still lots of things they could do to expand their revenue base. And from the middle of next year interchange and card use fees will return to much higher levels. By my reckoning every customer is currently valued at around £257. That feels rather cheap to me when you think what legacy banks have historically been able to make from their customers.


I voted no because I genuinely believe they have lost their vision.


How so? They’ve stagnated, while others have moved on and innovative. They’ve lost their edge.

It will be interesting to see the next set of financial results but I won’t get sinking any more cash into them, even if I could. I suspect I’m going to lose the money I already put in.


I would generally love to know the dev count at monzo now compared to starling.

Seems like theyve been banging out features whilst monzo have been really slow in pushing new things with the exception of plus which was mostly ready pre lockdown


Always see about innovation, but what’s the big thing that one of the others has done?

Second cards? Kids accounts with less functionality then GoHenry and Rooster?


Not a chance. Disillusioned with the whole experience, including the forum.


I see this as deflection, rubbish the competition, so it detracts from the comments regarding Monzo.

Monzo brought out two products which are essentially re-hashing previous features and putting them behind a paywall. Starling and others have add new functionality, you can choose to dismiss it but attacking it, doesn’t mean it hasn’t happened.


It was a question, what are the innovations that set the others apart?

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As @AaronB1 points out, asking about how other banks have been innovative seems to detract from the topic which is asking would you buy Monzo now …especially given that you appear to be rubbishing one (similar) competitor rather than looking across the entirety of banking.

Whether one considers buying Monzo now would depend upon the business model and plan to reach profitability. From an interesting and exciting start, have they lapsed into legacy-bank thinking with packaged accounts or do they have more up their sleeve that will disrupt retail banking as we know it?

But you haven’t been able to answer it and deflected instead?

Starling effectively added “pay from a pot” but charges for it?


Did both of you miss the post he was directly replying to, that brought up a competitor?

To paraphrase:

Then a question comes that is in direct response to that

Not sure how you manage to reach to “rubbishing”. By both of your extremely loose and low-bar thresholds for “rubbishing” - you don’t also paint @nathanthomson8’s comment with the same brush? Not that I personally have any problem with any of the comments in this thread.

Just to touch on this point, and to add why Monzo is adding value that you have clearly forgotten about.

They’ve introduced virtual cards, which as far as I can see, is the first bank in the UK to do so for a consumer account and they’ve introduced a really slick implementation of open banking.

Regarding their valuation, I think it’s a pretty strong sign of confidence from the market, when two brand new paid accounts have over 100,000 signups during a freaking pandemic.


Must’ve done, as the contributors post was in the flow of the conversation and is not marked as in reply to a particular post.

Discussion threads at their best :woozy_face:


I’d invest in a heartbeat, and I’m forever a tad annoyed that I missed the previous rounds.

Monzo has some challenges to overcome, for sure, and I do feel like they’re floundering a bit, but I genuinely think they can come out on top.