Crowdfunding (Upcoming 2018/19 Round) - Updates

(Paul Balanca) #187


I have a 995 + 146 Monzo shares that I am interested to sell due to some recent events. I am still in process to get the approval from Crowdcube and Monzo to sell, tell me if it sounds interesting to you.



Thanks, Paul. Not in the market to buy, but if you feel comfortable sharing how much you end up selling for, I’m sure we’d all be interested.


Surely undervaluing their long term potential, there? :joy::muscle:


Sorry to post three times in a row, but how many shares would you have if you’d invested the maximum in all crowdfunding to date?

(Simon B) #191

Just so everyone is aware, we are still hoping to do another crowdfunding round, although we don’t have an ETA just yet on when this will be.

Just pointing out that people who wish to buy shares will hopefully have the option to do so at some point soon.

(Excited about Christmas) #192

Well exactly, but hey…a bird in the hand and all that…

(James Waddington) #193

Interested in buying shares :+1:


And would we get the chance to buy as many as 1000 shares?!

(Excited about Christmas) #195

I think you’d have 1949, 995 and 434 respectively. At least these are the figures I have for sale under my previous offer :wink:

(4 Round Investor) #196

Thanks Simon in the spirit of transparency are the recent articles in the press true


I don’t want to speak for Simon, but I suspect that much as he might like to confirm or deny, the way that fund raising is regulated means that Monzo won’t be able to say anything until the official announcement. (See Elon Musk’s recent tweets for examples of how it can all go horribly wrong).

That said, Simon’s typing… :eyes:

(Mark) #198

I would be interested in seeing what the appetite for buyers is, I have two blocks 1949+434

(Simon B) #199

I don’t have any comment to make on that regard, unfortunately.

Generally speaking, it’s best to take anything from the media with several grains of salt unless there’s been any kind of announcement from us.

(Is Santa here yet?) #200

Or Steve O’Hear has written it

(James T) #201

Simon, would existing shareholders have preemptive rights to buy shares if there is another crowd funding round?

(Dominic) #202

I have 3379 shares. It’d be interesting to know what people are willing to pay.

(Harry) #203

Great news :slight_smile: I applied for an investment in the previous CC round, is it likely to be a lottery this time as well? If so are previous attempts recorded or is it likely to be an open ballot again?

Thank you

(Simon B) #204

I’d love to answer all of these questions, but a lot of details are still being worked out :slightly_smiling_face:

(James T) #205

Do you have any time frame on that?

(Simon B) #206

I’m afraid not just yet, but we hope to have something pinned down soon.