MSE Credit Club

MoneySavingExpert have announced via email that they need to stop using Experian for their Credit Club, as Experian are stopping them from having access to the full credit report.
For those that do not know, ‘Credit Club’ allows you to see your full Experian credit report for free.

MSE have advised an update is coming to Credit Club; big takeaway being that they will start using TransUnion instead.
As Credit Karma already use TransUnion, is there another free service that shows Experian? I have had a look and cannot see a free service.

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I’m not sure there is any other free ones that connect to Experian to get the full report.

I tend to use CheckMyFile, Equifax, ClearScore and Credit Karma (yes I’m aware some overlap lol)

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I use Monzo {TransUnion). So MSE Credit Club can be retired. Fed up of getting that email update anyway.

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This has been coming for aaaaages. Is there an actual timeframe given now? Shame as Experian are the most useful usually, but I am happy with the other two anyway. I am not paying greedy Experian.


You can get it for free I believe, they just want to shill loans, account upgrade fees and credit cards to people directly like the rest:

RIP MSE Credit Club though I liked the interface.

You get your credit ”score” but not the actually useful credit file.

Gawd… :nauseated_face:

I dont have an account to try it.

This looks minky:

I wasn’t aware of CheckMyFile, so thanks! :slightly_smiling_face:

Yeah it checks all of them for you!

They can get fried for £14.99 a month sadly!

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I was emailed about this in November and I’ve heard nothing at all since.

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The MSE email actually states that Experian (as far as MSE know) are stopping all third-party access, so unfortunately not :man_shrugging:

I’ve been planning on deleting my MSE credit club account, this just reminded me to do so. Thanks

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I read the email twice and don’t know how I missed that part :man_facepalming: