Credit scores / history

(Saveen) #1

Are there any plans to integrate credit score / history data?

There’s a lot of misinformation and misunderstanding around credit scores / history, despite their importance, not least because lenders don’t want you to understand them, and credit reference agencies want to sell extra products based on fear.

Would love to see greater awareness and transparency in this area.

I thought Noddle looked promising but there seem to be reviews to the contrary.

(james_e_bell) #2

Hmm haven’t seen Noddle before - have you tried out ClearScore? They offer free access to credit score from Equifax - ive used them for a while and seem good

(Saveen) #3

I haven’t tried ClearScore. In the past I’ve run one-off checks using Experian / Equifax and usually forgotten to cancel!

(Tristan Thomas) #4

Yeah, we often get carried away in the office talking about how we could help demystify the credit score/bring it more into your bank account/make it more visible etc. So far, just ideas but something we’re really keen on!

I second @JamesBell’s recommendation of ClearScore in the meantime – free and relatively easy to use. A little birdie tells me they’re working hard on making their mobile apps native and much, much better too soon.

(Saveen) #5

Thanks for the recommendation!

Based on the ‘marketplace’ model perhaps a partnership with ClearScore could work?

I can see Mondo increasingly evolve towards becoming a complete virtual assistant for your money and it would be great to see credit scores form part of this.

(Alex Sherwood) #6

Monzo’s just shared the in-depth guide to credit scores that Tristan was hinting at earlier in this thread.

You can view it here :heart_eyes: