Credit Card Provider Issues

(Ben Lavender) #1

Does anyone get issues when attempting to pay-off third-part credit card balacnes with their CA card? I have issues with both Tesco and Post Office where they recognise the card as a credit card and won’t accept it as payment.

Tesco – Have to transfer me to another department to use an alternative system.
Post Office – Reject it completely.

(Liam Oxborough) #2

Post office reject mine, I got in touch with someone off chat and they said they will look into it.


Can’t you just pay it through a bank transfer?


I can pay my MBNA credit card with a Monzo CA debit card.

(Liam Oxborough) #5

Yeah I can pay it through bank transfer, but the debit card should still work aswell.

(Ben Lavender) #6

I asked PO this but they didn’t accept bank transfers…

(Hugh Wells) #7

Hi @dude

Really sorry to hear about the issues and here and please accept my apologies.
I have logged both of these as merchant acceptance issues for you so someone will be reaching out to both Tesco Bank and the Post Office to help resolve the issue.

Could I just clarify whether you tried to pay these over the counter, on the phone or online?


Virgin Money won’t accept it either.

(Liam Oxborough) #9

Mine doesn’t work through the post office app.

(Hugh Wells) #10

In person, over the phone or online?

Cheers :+1: I’ll make a note of that


Online for Virgin Money. Not tried over the phone.

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