How to further improve “Categories”


Hey guys,

I think the :monzo: team have done a great job with categories but I think we can make it even better.

I just sent a fiver to a friend for their birthday (I’m cheap I know) so it would be good to have a “Gift” category. I also know that another requested category has been “Charity/Fundraising” and I’m a little surprised that it hasn’t been implemented as a catergory as yet.

Can we come up with other suggestions for catergory and don’t be afraid to have a healthy debate if you think a suggestion is already covered.


Anyone? :slightly_frowning_face:

(Chris Green) #3

I would like a dedicated category for ATM withdrawals. The current catch-all “Finances” category doesn’t work for me. I need a dedicated category to keep on top of cash withdrawals and another one for electronic transfers in/out of my account. Its very helpful to see those separately.

Definitely need a “Gift” category. Also one for “Charity”.

Finally, I’d like a dedicated category for “Digital Services”. For me this would cover everything from my Apple iCloud subscription to my Flickr Pro sub, rather than just sticking them in with “Bills”.

(Danny) #4

I highly doubt that Monzo will change the categories seeing as we now have the world famous #Tags to use.

Shame really as I would like better categories


Tags don’t really integrate properly into the “Spending” tab though does it?

(Danny) #6




(Danny) #7

No idea, I don’t use them.


Great idea!

(Chris Green) #9

Yeah - the #tags are a load of crap sadly - useless compared to the actual categories as they don’t integrate properly in the spending tab.