Creating an account

I am stuck in a loop to try and create an account:

  1. Open app and click on ‘Create account’
  2. Enter email
  3. Receive email
  4. Click on link in email
  5. Returns me to the ‘log in’ or ‘create account’ screen without any instructions. No matter what I click the loop starts again.

I cannot create an account on desktop as I am prompted to download the app…

OS: iOS 14.4
Device: iPhone8
App Version: 4.20.0

Are you sure you’re clicking create account and not log in?

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Have you previously held a Monzo account linked to that address?

I’ve had this before when i was attempting to sign back up with an mobile registered to a previously switched account

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Some of the points above will help us point you in the right direction @Ione :blush:

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I’ve never had a Monzo account and I am clicking ‘create account’.

The email link is just taking me to the same welcome screen rather to a unique page to sign up.