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It would be a very cool feature to be able to choose your own design for your card, I understand it costs slightly more to make every card different but I’m sure given the option people would actually pay for the feature.

Just a simple few would be a great start, maybe flags, football teams, and other great avenues of life for people to express themselves with later on?

I’ve seen other cards with similar features but it’s never really picked up.


Mentioned before but I don’t want to be able to choose a template (or at least not limited to this), I want to be able to design/upload my own card colours/pictures/text/etc.

There’s a fair few card providers doing this already, makes sense that a modern bank like monzo can provide this. It also removes concerns about the current colour that many people have.

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But, but, hot coral?!

On a serious note, I wouldn’t mind using custom, willing to pay up to £10 for it.

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Had they scrapped Hot Coral I would have paid to personalise my card by uploading a Hot Coral image instead of a picture or photo :joy:


Exactly, if they do this then everyone is happy!
I don’t mind paying for this either but it’s free for the cards I’ve had the option for, just saying :slight_smile:

I agree! Personally not a big fan of the current Colour, don’t dislike it but would love to upload my own image or style for my card

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How can you not love hot coral? Everyone loves it look:


In short, I don’t think we’ll be offering card customisation from scratch any time soon. We’re still considering alternative options for card colour and design, it’s been discussed at length here

As far as possible we’d love to chop down the time it takes between ordering a card and receiving it (the possibility of same day delivery is an exciting one :eyes:) To support card customisation with our current resources would slow things down a lot plus it would be quite tricky to scale!


I would like the following designs


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