Link to pay into an individual pot

Hey everyone! I’ve had a few people express an interest into gifting me money for a specific cause recently, and obviously Monzo would be a great, convenient way to facilitate that - what with our amazing feature!

I can’t help but think that it would be a nicer experience if I could have a custom link for people to pay into this specific pot - pulling in the pot name and cover photo, to give them more confidence that it isn’t just going into my bank account and being spent on funding my lavish lifestyle of luxury (ha)

It could even display the lock date or goal potentially? Thinking further ahead: People could also maybe sign up for updates about the progress of said goals, that can be sent to everyone who’s donated to the pot by the user.

I’m sure there are plenty of other use cases, but just thought it would be handy in this situation! :relieved:

Neat idea :bulb:


I like this, really neat idea!

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Good idea


I suggested this yonks ago (can’t find it when I search, typically), I suggested adding an extra item to the link that you generate. At the moment it’s:{name}/{amount}[?d=message]

Obviously I don’t know the inner workings of how these payments are handled, but IMO it shouldn’t be too arduous for an extra item to be added for the destination pot, so it becomes:{name}/{amount}[?d=message][&p=potid]

It could be that it would need some work to represent this in the feed (merging of receipt of money followed by move of money to the pot, possibly similar to how round ups are merged) and obviously cope with pots not existing and the like. Also, you’d need to make it part of the “generate a link” item in-app, but then somehow manage how this is shown in the eventual generated page that the sender sees.

So, a bit of work, but perhaps something they could try and accomplish in “Monzo Time”?

Edit: Of course, if they could get IFTTT to notice inbound payments, and provided IFTTT can access the payment reference, we could handle this via an IFTTT trigger instead.


Such a simple addition in terms of development, but this would be very useful! Great ideas.


Glad others like the idea!

But it is going into your bank account and could be used to fund a lavish lifestyle. There are no guarantees it would be used for what the pot stated and could be misleading. I like the idea but it could be opening a can of worms.

I am not saying you are misleading anyone, just the process could be used to mislead people.


i was just thinking about this feature today.

This would be a great way in order to pull finances from a group of people and also help in saving money with your partner.

This would also go hand in hand with setting up payments to come from pots, which i know has been a feature that most people want!

Love this idea.Needs to work for joint accounts too though.

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If only pots were full accounts, like bunq.

I actually just signed up for community to make this suggestion as I’m having a whip round for a sick friend but I don’t seem to be able to create new posts.

Yes the ability to create links that pay into specific pots would be really handy as I’m currently having to do 20-30 small transfers into a pot

Really surprised this hasn’t got more traction.
PayPal has money pools that allow you to do this, and I can’t imagine it would be too difficult for Monzo to implement something that allows you to add a parameter to a link to direct payments into a specific pot.