Crash Team Racing PS1 remastered for 2019!

So I’ve just seen the new trailer for Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled, the remaster of the original on PlayStation back in 1999, and cannot believe my eyes.
Put an insane amount of hours into the original since its release and over the years, so to say I’m looking forward to this is one hell of an understatement! Will actually be booking time off work to get together with friends to demolish this game next June :video_game:

Any other Crash Bandicoot fans lurking the Monzo forum? Am curious, as CTR was always the better kart racer to Mario Kart :wink:




Absolutely loved this game :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Far too many hours whiled away trying to Platinum everything and suss out all the secret shortcuts.

I can basically say good-bye to my evenings as soon as this is released :speak_no_evil:

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Yes!!! Ha ha so many hidden shortcuts and little tricks to find, only to then fail half the time trying to perfect them :rofl:
Attacking this temple wall is probably one of my favourites, simple but sneaky:

Or that huuuuuuge jump on Oxide Station!

The Oxide Station map was awesome, especially the music :notes:

Just watched this shortcut compilation, couldn’t believe some of them here! Worth a watch. Probably gonna boot up CTR and try these tonight methinks :smirk: