COVID-19 Chargebacks

Hey fellow Monzo’ers

Has anyone tried to initiate a chargeback through Monzo & Mastercard during COVID-19?.

I was due to go away this weekend and My tour operator, like many others, are not being co-operative in giving me a refund.

I asked Monzo to initiate a chargeback however they are telling me because I have booked through a Tour Operator that has ATOL protection, I should claim through ATOL.

Unfortunately for Monzo, they’ve suggested this to someone who use to work in the travel industry. ATOL is a government ‘insurance policy’ , if your tour operator fails you are entitled to a full refund.
Seeing as my tour operator has not yet to fail I can’t go through the ATOL scheme.

Basically I’m giving you a little heads up here, that unless Your tour operator goes under you can’t claim through the ATOL scheme.

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Until it has officially been cancelled or trip passed they will not do anything, I am in the same boat with Tui as they want me to pay the rest of the holiday by Sunday we are due to go away 12th July.

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My trip has been cancelled. (Bummer, but better to stay safe at home).
I’m just curious if anyone else has had the same experience as me when asking for a chargeback?

I complained this morning and basically had to tell the specialist what the ATOL scheme meant.
I’m more angry with the fact they advised completely wrong information. - I won’t go into the complaint as that’s between Monzo & myself.


Thank you for the advise, that’s very helpful.

ATOL advice aside - I would assume Monzo have to give the Tour operator a reasonable amount of time to refund the OPs claim , seeing as you werent meant to be travelling until this weekend I would assume that’s when the clock starts ticking for a “reasonable amount of time”

Monzo asked if I had holiday insurance and to raise the dispute with them first , emailed the insurance on 1st April , no reply , complained to my bank about my “packaged account” insurance lack of response , insurance called me on Tuesday after I received the refund from Easyjet

I just initiated a chargeback for easyjet flights on Monday having had my flights cancelled on 23 March for a departure on the 26th March - Easyjet paid on Tuesday , chargeback dispute cancelled on tuesday afternoon by me …

Absolutely. I waited 14 days for a reply from my tour operator as advised by Monzo with no reply from the tour operator.
Then I was given the ATOL spiel.

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well all I can talk about is my experience the chat was very specific of the details they needed , and was disputing the charge for me until I cancelled it …good luck with yours …

We have had our TUI trip cancelled today - advised will be up to 12 weeks for refund.

To add …

The advise here is that:

If you booked a package holiday, it should be protected by Abta or Atol and therefore you should receive a full cash refund within 14 days, or you can choose to rebook for another time.

So in theory, you will get a refund, but it’ll take time, so instead of a chargeback just hold tight + wait for a refund.

They have 14 days. Don’t let them get away with any 12 week BS.

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