Link Monzo app with phone NFC chip to enable tap to pay (Monzo Pay)

Look at Apple pay, Android Pay, Vodafone wallet. Specifically Vodafone wallet. I suggest Monzo Pay. The specification of the Vodafone wallet app is easy enough to copy and use, just have a virtual card that is generated and presented to pay that is linked to main monzo card. Can even go beast mode in terms of security and do single use virtual cards for each transaction…tokenisation next level


Apple Pay and the android equivalent are due once :mondo: become a full bank.


EE had EE Pay once which neccessitated swapping their standard SIM card for an NFC compatible SIM. But they stopped this after a while, stopped issuing those SIM cards and stopped people signing up to their app which they terminated

This one? It’s a good idea, they billed this to your mobile account, but
they are leaving it as they said Apple Pay & Android Pay are happy
replacements for them of their app.

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It is a shame as I prefered EE’s one

Yes this would be great and cut out the need for third party apps like Android and Apple pay. It is definitely possible as Barclays have it built into their app (an Android at least)