Monzo to Monzo payments via NFC

Sorry if this has been asked before (I did search, I swear!) but would it be possible/feasible/a-good-idea to allow Monzo-to-Monzo payments by tapping phones together? I know it isn’t exactly hard to just do it through the app, but it’s always good to tap things together and have stuff happen :slight_smile:


This would be awesome! I’d love to see this feature (although I’ll have to move to Android I’d imagine?)


This would be legendary! (If I had Monzo friends :joy:)

In the meantime, you could “beam” the page via your android devices :wink:

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As I’m aware, modern iPhones have NFC chips, but Apple don’t let developers have access to them in the way that Android does. Please correct me if I’m wrong, but I think this’d be an Android only feature…


According to RichardR:

I don’t know technical details, but on a theoretical level, it might be possible to construct an NFC tag which provides cryptographically signed transaction info and beam that across. The issue with tap to activate card is that the NFC interface needs to run the Mastercard Debit app on the card, and that is not possible with Core NFC. But Monzo app-to-Monzo app might be able to use tags since the app is more flexible than what’s running on an EMV certified card.

I’m not a developer, so this is a bit of wild speculation!


I’ll take wild speculation any day, if there was a way of making it work I think that would be really cool, and definitely something other banks don’t have!

I can’t see the real value in NFC payments. I’d assume both parties would already be on Monzo so what’s the benefit of awkwardly tapping phones together to share details instead of selecting the Monzo contact?

Perhaps if I don’t know the person but then arguably I’m likely not paying them through this method anyway.

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Still wouldn’t be possible with Core NFC. Core NFC is ready only at the moment so we wouldn’t be able to present an NFC tag to another device using it.

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Monzo to monzo payments only work if you have the person in your contacts and they have told you their phone number. In many social situations that is not the case. So you fall back on but that’s far from convenient especially if their name is spelled wierdly (as happened to me)

NFC payments would avoid all that friction.

That’s fair, it’s just feels really niche. I can’t think of many social situations where someone I don’t know that well has paid for something and I need to pay them back, but perhaps I’m not very social!

I find the “I’m sorry, I don’t know you well enough” defence is a perfect riposte to the “you owe me £40” gambit every time. :wink::wink:


Works for me everytime!

In all fairness though I see its use in loads of situations, lets say you’re booking a holiday with some friends, you all get together and decide where to go, then all tap the phone of the booker, who just makes payment.

Even cooler would be when pots get integrated, everyone taps to add money a selected pot.

I’m not saying it’s a replacement for through-app payments, as tap-payments require proximity etc, but it’s worth thinking about :slight_smile:

Another option that I think may work with iOS would be to have something similar to what Bump used to do for file sharing: Not sure how they did it, but was quite impressive.