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Frequent payees does not work for me …

It includes people who send me money regularly, who I never send money to… i.e they are not a payee at all and never have been.

Frequent also includes someone I paid once a few months ago and will never pay again

The people that I actually pay frequently are not on the list. .



Agree with all of this :point_up:

I’m not sure of the difference between frequent and recent. I think I know, theoretically, what it is, but it doesn’t seem to work that way, and I’m not sure that both are really necessary. :man_shrugging:

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Yeah this doesn’t work properly for me either. Lots of the same issues as you’re saying.

And my partner is by far my most frequent but she always shows up in recent instead, which seems(?) to stop her showing up in frequent too.

If there needs to be anything above the standard alphabetical list of all payees then I’d prefer it to be “Favourites” that I’d assign myself.


Totally agree!

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I do think it needs a major overhaul as in its current state it’s lacking refinement and usefulness.

Create a bills ares specifically assigned for any reoccurring payments. Yes there is already the schedule tab but this whole area should be dedicated to payments with a reoccurring theme. So instead of having to create a bills pot in the home area this would all be done in the payments tab. Thus keeping Direct Debits and constant payments in easy view as well as a clear destination of monies that you can assign from your main account.

I big factor for me in using Monzo is who whole pots system but given that this is now my primary account. I just find it daft that I have to create a separate pot and then assign payments to said pot and then define if they are monthly or yearly. It’s also frustrating that the current pots system doesn’t allow for scheduled card payments.

I feel that anything relating to bills should be in one area.

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I agree that the algorithm needs tweaking.

However, I do think the concept of “Frequent” and “Recent” lists is a good one (if they scroll horizontally and so don’t take up too much space). Although having individual “Frequent” and “Recent” lists in the Pay screen and the Request screen would work best imo.

I know it’s probably regulatory, but confirmation of payee is a real irritation when you’ve paid something over and over and everytime you have to confirm because it cannot validate. To me, after so many payments over a long period of time, CoP should deactivate if all details are the same.


My personal wishlist: a simpler experience - search at top, add button, a sortable list of contacts below on the pay screen.

  • Keep segmented control for now to minimise changes, but fix the pay screen
  • One list of contacts, allow sort on name, frequent and recent and remember choice
  • Ditch frequent and recent - sort the list instead
  • Ditch pay, request, invite these belong on the contact screens, choose a contact, then an action
  • There should be one button to add a contact, and one concept of Payee/Contact for us to understand
  • Contacts have one or more accounts you can pay and settings like refs are per contact, contacts don’t need a phone number etc, just a bank account
  • Don’t mix up contacts on my phone with contacts within monzo
  • Show a list of transactions on each contact screen, including scheduled ones

I saw pot-to-pot transfers, which is my #1, so good to see. :star:

Two other things:

-The ability to amend the amount of a recurring pot withdrawal, rather than having to cancel and re-enter.
-When I choose a payee that only has one account associated with them, I still have to click through the screen that shows that account, plus the option to add another account. Make the ability to add an account a payee amendment function, not part of the pay process, and save that click for single-account payees (which, for me, is every payee).

  • I would like to be able to edit payee names
  • I don’t really get frequent vs recent, and I don’t really get why one list scrolls horizontally while the other is vertical
  • I would like to be able to make Direct Debit’s into recurring subscriptions from the ‘Schedule’ payments screen, and I would like to have the option of 6 monthly
  • when you click “Cancel” on a Direct Debit it should not immediately scan Face ID and cancel your DD without any kind of confirmation or warning
  • when you click “Pay Tab” on the shared tab, it should not immediately scan Face ID and send an unknown and unconfirmed amount of money to your contacts - there should be a confirmation screen
  • on the scheduled tab, I don’t quite see why standing orders are separate from card payments and DDs. It would make sense to me to merge them completely, or keep them separate

Ah, forgot one more! I had this at my bank in America, but have never seen anywhere else, but it was a great feature.

To terminate recurring payments, have the option to end when you reach an amount. For example, “Pay (or transfer) £10 every Friday until £125 has been paid”. This is great for putting away specific amounts over time, or paying back someone on an agreed schedule. When you get to the last week, if there’s not a full normal payment to be made (as in my example above), the remainder would be paid (ie, £5 here).

My US bank would also show £x of £y has been paid, so you knew where you stood.


I agree with this - this new CoP is a complete pain. It pops up every time when paying my children’s building society, my credit card bill, my milkman, my window cleaner, or even my parents. I now see it as just like the cookie warnings that you see on every website. You click “pay” and then click “continue” on “whatever that message thing that pops up is”…

A lot’s been covered above already, but would like to be able to choose an image from my phone, or the contact details for a payee you’ve added - if they’re on Monzo you’ll see their avatar they set up on the app, but just a mixture of ‘G’, ‘G’, ‘M’, ‘L’ etc for non-Monzo payees is more distracting than useful especially when you have different payees with the same initial, and sometimes the initial isn’t what you’d refer to them as, e.g. if it’s taken from the surname not the first name.

I also don’t want to see people I’m never going to send money to just because they happen to be on Monzo.

Also, for Plus users who have other accounts set up, either in the Payment screen or within those account screens, let me send money from Monzo to that account easily. You have all the details when I added the account. You seem to have made it easy only in the other direction!

Just make it as efficient as possible to say “I want to [pay] [this person*] [this much] for [this purpose]” and defer everything else (new transfers, inviting friends, one-time payees etc) to lower down the UI hierarchy. (* = there’s a limited number of people I’ll do this more regularly for). Top of my head (acknowledging you still have to do the account check etc after this):


I have a personal monzo account and a joint monzo account. I want to be able to request payment against a transaction (I can use split the bill but it’s an extra step to reduce the split to £0 on my side) from the joint account to my personal account. But the joint account doesn’t show as someone I can request to split with.

Split the categories a payment can be categorised into. E.g I took £30 cash out, I want £10 in shopping and £20 in bills for example.

If I use my Monzo to pay for everyone’s meal (e.g £200) and they pay me back their share ( 3 people pay £50) - It still looks like I spent £200 in entertainment that month because the Income is shown separately and not as a calculation in the spending summary.


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This is a really cool idea. Very good if you’re paying off a friend incrementally as you say.

I’d completely forgotten that annoyance earlier, absolutely bthis should be on the list!

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Given this is available in plus I doubt it will leave the paywall.