Core App: Better payments

I know and it’s a shame.

There has been some very welcome payee management additions and UI tweaks.

But outside of payee management very little, nothing? has been done to address many of the niggles with actual payments/ transfers.
Not an exhaustive list, just a few example from the start of the thread but:

  • pot to pot transfers
  • solid payment flow
  • clicking on transactions and pulling the money from a pot
  • clicking a transaction and sending that amount straight to a payee
  • some scheduled payments love
  • being able to see payments to and from payees

And I’m not saying all of these should have been done. A little love to things besides payee management would have been great.


And what about the little things like profile pictures for all accounts and account names being the same when incoming payments or outgoing payments to that person or business…

Edit: I thought I remembered reading it.


I think some of these may be beyond the scope of the payments experience (loosely defined earlier as stuff inside the payments area of the app).

But could you expand on ‘solid payment flow’ and ‘some scheduled payments love’ ?
What do you feel needs improvement in these areas?


My view is that there were probably plans to do more. But it seems that Monzo’s approach to product planning is to have lots of great ideas and really run at it - only to get pulled off for the next priority before it’s been properly finished.

It’s a shame, but it seems like a pattern.


Yes it seems to be the case. Shame though, cos I’ve been championing payee management updates since the big list. Finally thought we were getting somewhere

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Out of interest - what kind of things were you after. Looking at this list:

Only two really relate to payees? The other are all more core payments processes (some of which are being worked on - just independently from the recent payee work).


There is so many ways to initiate paying someone if feels really clunky. Via pay, request, recent and favourite, then payee hub. It should just be something like going to the payment tab, select payee, pay/request, job done.

this was from someone else at the top of the page. I personally don’t use schedules payments. I just included a couple of other things requested amongst other community members.

@TheoGibson Im a bit confused by what you’ve said. I’m saying the only real improvements have been made in payee management (very good improvements I might add), just not as the title of the post suggests “core app: better payments”.

“Better payments” to me would include the things I listed. Including transfers (eg pot to pot, pot to main account). Other people suggested similar things, so it’s not just my understanding of the post title.

Any sneaky reveals?


Thats fair - sorry, probably wasn’t the best named title.

Nothing i can share I’m afraid - We’ve shared that paying from pots is being worked on elsewhere on the forum, but i’m sure more will be shared closer to the time in the lead up to this. Unfortunately building some of the more slick payments functionality takes a little longer than things like making design changes to payees.


Reading the original post and comments the title seems completely accurate. There’s even a point made to say the payee management system is where you will start but that won’t be all. Agree with the people above, grand plans ending up as a smaller job that is finished and then the original bigger ideas are left behind, which is a shame but a common thing in many companies and project based work where you put emphasis on mvp (I am guilty of it at my workplace too! - prioritizing projects is probably the root cause and not booking in revisits)

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Paid a friend and I wished the feed name matched the payee name in the Payees Hub


I agree with that, it would make sense to me to have the payee name as in the Payees Hub on the feed list, but the full name at the bottom of the feed item (when you click on it) in the full transaction details.

Also, I wonder when we might see the payee improvements graduate from Labs now that at least the first pass of the work appears to be done?

If the same team are going to be making further changes to payments, as the original post implies, I would expect this to be a new toggle in Labs (with everyone getting the payee improvements first).


Good idea. Unfortunately development in this area has gone rather cold.